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Into custody late yesterday morning ricky dwayne johnson and vanessa joe bap both thirty two were arrested before dawn on thursday morning the to refuse to obey traffic stop they fled in a stolen car to the wingate mobile home park where deputies say they were fired on there was a chase johnson mbappe cut out of the vehicle decided to flee on foot one person was found in a parked car before dawn yesterday taken into custody but it was determined that individual was not who they were looking for and around eleven thirty yesterday morning johnson and bab had ben arrested both we understand have lengthy rap sheets it was earlier this month add north charleston police chief reggie burge's made a sign that read stop the violence he took that sign and walked along dorchester road he started it after word of a homicide in his city and then he marched a couple of more times word is he was out again yesterday marching with a group of others pleading with the community to please stop all the violence and the senseless shootings former orangeburg county sheriff's deputies on the wrong side of the law allegedly thirty six year old jason nelson now charged with misconduct after an investigation found he sent sexually suggestive photographs to a woman who was involved in a criminal investigation sled also claims nelson solicited sex from those he sent the pictures to nelson was a deputy between april twenty sixteen and january 2017 city of north charleston and the navy base redevelopment complex teaming up to renovate some of the old historic homes on the base these are homes around riverfront park that were longtime ago occupied by high ranking officers the director of operations for redevelopment efforts sean mcdonald says that the renovated homes will likely be used for b and b purposes and spaces for special events not many people have been back here to see how pretty is and as you mentioned it kind of gets forgotten about you know and then you come back beautiful it is and then you can go back to the city's wherever from park and get along route along the river the cost of renovating those old homes and repaving areas around the homes expected to cost about eight million dollars and speaking of money national retail federation says the easter bunny expected to spend just over eighteen billion dollars this upcoming holiday eight in ten and plan to spend at least one hundred and fifty dollars on easter things like clothing new shoes candy greeting cards and.

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