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Monopolies they've benefited from tens of millions of dollars in public subsidies that have helped finance and promote their endeavors, and he says well revenue disparity is a major component of this. It's partially a result of the lack of promotion women have received the so much historical and cultural baggage tool of this. When you hear that, Dave when you read that you really understand what they're fighting for those are wise words, and that they were raised birth essay godspeed to the women it's not like a media on culpable as well. I think you and I talked about this privately before, but I'll make. Steve parishes. The Crystal Palace football club. He was criticized by, you know, a very liberal leaning newspaper the guardian in Britain, full, you know, some of the efforts that Crystal Palace's made in the women's game. And he corrected the record rightly that. He was doing everything I'm potentially mold other primarily doing to promote women's game. But he also made the point back the newspaper if they were to compare the column inches that they write about the women's game to the men's game that they are just as culpable and the media until they sought covering this sport as seriously as they call the men's game, honestly with which is never gonna get anywhere to change to change, David. Okay. We go pack show where you're going to applaud awesome. As they become the first crime elite teams of fell the new majesty United since gonna side to the throne. We recap the razz drink huddle around the world that led league leaders Manchester City possible what Ford and nipple finance shooting boots again at the expense of the primary league sillier Mosca quivalent love the Salim. Us bundling keeping. Everyone regular in front of goal. So the football rod. Yeah, liverpool. It did what Tilton today in training a training center for the last week. You will tell oh, yes, let's go do against. Tesla. You win. Some you lose. Sport may welcome to it. It's not about the winning anyway set. Oh, dave. I've got a buddy my hand. I I'm want to raise a toast to to my loss week in which I interviewed yoke can cloak. It was poured it now. It was one of the best interviews I've ever been involved with salad luck with your show and your pants when partially into my mouth wash elite Macron, and it feels so good. Yes. So alive this interview with you can call which is about to go live on YouTube NBC sports YouTube, and we're going to release the entirety of the interview is port this week is remarkable. Because because you can call is remarkable until the end of the interview we talked about I asked him. I said you're a religious man is winning is winning. The only thing that matters in life. I want raise my third I but the day to his hands because I think it's really. Awful import beef in life. And we'll discuss in the tail race. He said to me without thinking he said in sports winning is important but in life, you're can cloth. That was me speaking just so you know, that it's not speaking. He said, I believe you'll be judged the end where we stand in front of the door. If you tell up person that you meet there, the yes, his my trophies not person wouldn't case that would be really strange because I think what matters at the end of the day is did you improve the place you've been in the house. She lived in. Did you improve the mood the love whatever did you try to? And he said, I've tried a lot. I tried every day. And so whether it's will come in and say, you know, the other he said who won everything by knowing all the rules, all the laws. He said, I think they'll have to use another door. Ultimately, listen, as I think, he meant Manchester City there. And I think you're employing almost sub tweeting that they may end of IMF Guitry. But he ended up by saying, I think we always did the right thing be patient work harder than the others. Try everything over a longer period. You have a big chance no guarantee of winning. But a big chance. Little Rhode driest bud fan blood fam- to improving the mood improving. The love trying your hardest..

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