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If you are a recreational perron owner need either register your route so how can we don't have airlines crashing to the ground because of all these drones flying about flying about because as of yet as of yet no recreational drone user has been foolish enough to fly their thrown in the vicinity of airport but i challenge you could go on you and look at all the wreck with action that are taking place in this country and in other countries around the world where you can the operators using their thrown in close proximity to other aircraft in the air now he outlawed drones only outlaws have drones a what a person should be responsible for their actions right like how many reckless actions with handguns have you seen and how is that the effort bright here's that effort if you would do something reckless with your car you can pull over to the side of the road in yep if you do something requies within an airliner there is no off because all over mp fate you damage the structural integrity of an aircraft might not have the option of landing faithfully okay l i hear you look it's a it's a here all note out about it look the same thing as cars or gun same thing is guns all k because i can go out today and items cars and i could choose to do that if that's what i wanted to do i could get a rifle and i could shoot people in their cars and there's nothing that anyone could do about it and i could skulk off into the woods and nobody would catch me john thanks for the call tonight appreciate the discussion the fear to me is not a motivator i understand that's what gets people to believe in government and believe that the government's out there keeping them safe but it is just stop it from happening right and you know what's also illegals illegal issued a laser pointed out that the cockpit of something to charge an additional charge for the person who brought to an airplane free talk life he prepared for the next disaster with the shelter by this shelter pa is a large allseason heavy quick.

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