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And luckily, I believe that somewhere down the road, and this is not coming from Tony Kahn or anybody else. It's just logical to me. With all the ever building relationship with new Japan and AEW that somewhere down the road, we'll see okada in an AEW ring for a big show. Why wouldn't we? Right. And so I know at least that's my and that this may be fanboy and JR wanted to do some amateur booking. Because I really believe Ocado absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. And we got and the guys like Kenny and Adam Cole gets back and there's a dozen Moxley. I'm actually in Ocado I'm buying. CM Punk, I'm on in. I want to call that. I mean, I'll be there. So I just think that there was language issues, date issues, but if we could have ever gotten that plan in place where there was a systematic way of entering and exiting WCW by these outside talents would have been a lot better off. We didn't have a good plan. We were supposed to have barbarian team up with Dan spivey, but he had plans to go to Japan. So the story they tell on the show, ironic, we're just talking about that. Is the cactus Jack called spivey and told him to stay home. I'm bringing in Butch Reed, who knows more about Ron Simmons than any one. So it's going to be barbarian and Butch Reed, taken on Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham, and what a tag team they were. They go 8 minutes and 13 seconds, barbarian actually pins Windham after a foot to the face. Meltzer will take roads took one great bump after missing a shoulder tackle, Wyndham sold the finished great, but it was just okay, two stars. I could see how, you know, roads and Windham could tear it up, but maybe barbarian and Butch rate weren't the right opponents here, but you're definitely getting a flavor for what cowboy likes, right? I think so, but they weren't ready. They were ready for a big time event on TV. They had no story. They had no angle. It's cold. And when you're dealing with a cold product in a very even as cold overall product, in other words, we weren't setting the world on fire to start with. So you bring in two guys who are both good hands, you know, a lot of respect for those guys. But they didn't have any buildup, there was no anticipation built for this situation. And so another case of booking things before they were ready to go. And the fans reacted by silence. Next up, we've got Rick rude and Jake Roberts and big van Vader and the super invader, his Hercules Hernandez, taking on sting, the Steiner, and koloff in an elimination tag match, which goes 15 minutes and 15 seconds. This is a big time match, Rick invader are gonna work hotspots together and they're the highlight of the match according to Meltzer and he even says the highlight of the whole card, the first fall would see koloff pinned in 7 26 after Jake pinned him after he collided with rude. Staying with the pen invader in 36 seconds with a face buster for the second fall. The third fall is back to Vader and Rick Steiner and their trading power moves, and Rick tries to stand up with Vader on his shoulders, but 395 pounds of dead weight, staring at the bottom, made this a bad idea. At least he didn't tear out his lower back because with that much weight and it gets shaky, that's pretty dangerous according to Meltzer. Scott's going to get the cue to three minutes and 32 seconds for coming off the top, with a clothesline invader. That's a DQ and Bill watts WCW. And they attempt the road warrior finisher, but Rick couldn't get Vader up. So Rick is counted out in 55 seconds, and they give rude a neck breaker on the floor, which leaves sting against three. So rude and sting are both on the Vader comes off the top and accidentally splashes both men. So now Vader's d-q'd and staying in rude are left four dead, and the crowd starts chanting DDT, DDT, and Robert's drag route over to the corner, tagged in and gets the pin with the DDT in 46 seconds. Meltzer loved it called it the best match on the card and gave it three and a quarter stars. On paper, it looks odd, but a boy it worked and they were buying it that day, were they not? Yeah, maybe they're just ready for something. Because it sounds your description sounds a little herky jerky. Yes. And it didn't seem like there was any obvious attempts to build continuity, tell a story, because things kept happening, boom, boom boom. And maybe that's what maybe that's what that show needed. Because they had reacted this way yet. And there had been some pretty good talent in the ring, prior to this cluster. Listen, man, I know it sounds too good to be true, but I want you to just do me a favor and run on over to save with Conrad dot com. Get yourself a quick quote. 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