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Maybe a banana spider bit someone's junk. I don't know that would give me erectile dysfunction. Bring them back. How? And like there's some doctor somewhere that goes banana spider, venom, you d banana spider, venom ED I'm gonna put these together fix it. That would by angers made. No just checking. No. No, no. Who got junk bit. You think that's out work. Something. Don't go together. No, let's see the US ADA claims or has stripped, Lance Armstrong of his seven tour, two fronts titles. I'm trying to think of a ball jokin. I can't he's trying to be aired namic. And for the moon, we have a crescent moon. Recycle. It wasn't a full moon. But as you know, our story doesn't Volva bridezilla, those bitches are crazy. Okay. Movies, some movies, total recall with Colin Farrell movie diary, a Wimpy kid dog days with Zachary. Gordon don't know who that is good. It made seventy seven million dollars. The first one don't plan us. All right. So hope springs with Meryl Streep, you lost me, a Meryl Streep. All right. But it made a hundred and fourteen million dollars. Now total recall made one hundred ninety eight million. All right. So almost two hundred million right? The Bourne legacy with Jeremy Renner made two hundred seventy six million dollars. That's Hawkeye from the. Vendors series. Oh, yeah. You gotta tie it back tomorrow for me. Okay, kinda need to watch that again. Now the campaign. Right. We'll Phero just forget, he exists, there might be like him the million dollars. It was good money, but he knows me so bad. Well, that's not a reason to get rid of somebody. The expendable to the that's still loans semester stone. Yup. I don't remember that. But it made three hundred fourteen million dollars. Looks like the biggest one on this list. So we saw the first one I don't remember but we did see it. It was good. But I didn't have desire to see the second one. Okay. So that's why I never thought the possession with Jeffrey dean eighty five million. I was gonna say you have to seen that at horror movie I like all was good bad. It doesn't really matter right there there you were flipping through what was it net? Flex looking for a horror movie in you win. Thirty minutes and couldn't find when he never watched. Yeah. Sell barry. That doesn't seem like horror movies. Really good bad hor just as long as it possibly scares you. I think you're broken good, hor bed, or, or with Bubis of embedded. Embedded helps to all right. So the New York Times book report, so number one was gone by Gillian Flynn gone girl, gone girl. The way she's not fucking around anymore woman disappears. On the day of her fifth anniversary is her husband, the killer, we saw the movie I was gonna say that was a movie Ben Affleck move. It was good. Where we belong by Emilie Griffin. A woman successful life is disrupted by the appearance of an eighteen year old girl with a link to her past. Okay. Forever by Danielle Steele that person Daniels still still alive? How many books as she redden twelve thousand at least? You like that, number three boys and two girls who meet in kindergarten maintain their buns as they grow into adulthood. That's way too much history for medicines boring blacklist by Brad Thor if the counter terrorism operative Scott without harbor can discover who targeted for death. He can prevent a terrorist attack. Okay. At first, I got excited because I thought this was related to the TV show, but I don't think so it's completely different you. Okay. The fallen angel by Daniel Silva, Gabrielle and art restorer and occasional spy for the Israeli secret services covers a global criminal enterprise behind a murder at the Vatican because as things go together, art dealer and spy, and Bada and well, you know, the church. I mean the Denver. Yep. Broken harbor by Tana French in French force Dublin. Infringes fourth Dublin murder squad. Novel double-murder spot, they had plenty of those. Detectives investigation of a crime in the seaside town Vokes memories of his disturbing childhood there. What seaside town? Ooh. Oh, year just getting excited. I group in Dublin so right town. It can be your that. All right. Michael Bennett by James Patterson. God he keeps writing books actually he'd proxy writes. Books is James Patterson. And Michael Ludwig. Does he write anything by himself, Nanya more? He pretty much writes everything in partnership. Helping people or does you need people to help him die. Have no idea. A New York detective takes refuge, was his ten children upstate cabinet. Oh, ten children. Again, is this the same book series? It must be. And here's the thing. The New York protective takes refuge with his ten children. If you're gonna take refuge refuge taken without go without the ten children. This was on one of our other lists where he was investigating kidnappings of John. Yes. In New York, which is we said it was probably one of his kids kidding. Ten kids how shadow of tonight by Deborah hearkens Harkness an Oxford scholar, which in vampire Genealogists pursues history secrets, and other other in Elizabethan London. Okay. That actually sounds good. Is that Creole bell? Yeah. All right. By James LeBron, Louisiana, -tective day, Robichaud hints, for melting Cajun's. Hunts for missing Cajun's there. So this isn't on the last list, we had to there was a Davor of show. So for two years, he's been on the New York Times bestseller list. Was it two years in a row? I can't remember it was two years. Two years for our show. Yup. Okay. So and finally number ten twenty twelve we have a dance with dragons by George r r Martin. Law battle the seven kingdoms face a new threat book, five of song of ice and fire is that game of thrones. That's a game of thrones book, which you will never ever read. Now I can't I can't keep track of all frigging people in there. I can't keep track of for two or four people on one murder. So did you try to those books, once I try to read the first one, I got maybe halfway through and stopped, you know, when I stopped reading, but I realized there was a TV show that would make it easier. I was like let me just watch that he may show truth better. All right. So music, ten in the chart, if you can go heat wave by Wiley, forgotten cheering misty. It was a bikini party rains. Yeah. I think it was the four screens. So we'll be coming back by Calvin Calvin, Harris didn't know it spectrum by Florence and the machine very Florence and the machine over songs. No, they're all little, I like them. Oh, so sweet. So it was I could tell the difference, but it had the same theme to it starts off. Slow then speeds up. All right. Payphone by maroon five yes, the song was great though. Thing was a little different video video kind of ruin the song, because it was gunfire and stuff in the video, and it didn't really seem to the video. Yeah. Work for me. All right. Blackheart by stew? She stuckey. Yeah. That was weird. I've never heard of it say, if I think it was a British group maybe brokenhearted by Carmen. I love that song. Yeah. That's on your Carly Rae jumps in platelets selling me out. Yes, it's on my Carly Rae Jemson playlists fuck off. All right. And then feel the love by route a mental loved it. No don't wake me up by Chris Brown. So I had to look it up. This is after he beat the shit outta Ranna. Yes. So he's a punk bitch for that show, those pictures, you didn't even know about it. But if you're. Fuck you fucking leave do not it. So what bullshit? Yeah, he, he did a number on her face. It was bad. So and then Vegas girl by Conard Mainur. It was weird. It was it was very Justin Bieber. Young weird shit. Yeah. And then whistle by Flo. Rider. So I could watch that video all day long. Yeah. It had something for everyone that was through some Bubis and some butts and wasn't a bad song decent ads. I was very happy watching that video. We watched the most. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It was good. Good music view. It was a good all around. All right. So we have twenty twelve TV shows the started. Right. So this is my baby, 'cause I actually get to do research on that, right? No for aero. Did seven c seven seasons and the eight season is its last line of duty is still on elementary seven season. Not getting too. I loved it. That's what I'm going to watch. When you die. A lot TV shows to watch making less. Yes. So Chicago PD six seasons. Don't know veep seven seasons girls six seasons. Tried to watch it. Did me. Yeah. It was I thought it was really annoying. Oh, dude girl, but I was really kind of annoying. All right. And then scandal seven seasons. I got didn't watch like the first two or three seasons and I stopped. Yeah. Probably just because we were waiting for new season to come out and forgot about it. So we should add it to our watchlist. Maybe I dunno missing it. All right now, twenty twelve TV shows by ranking go for it. All right. So we got NCIS we're still killing marines. All right, number two, which seems to keep moving on up is Sunday night football. I wonder if it gets better in the rankings, as you get closer to Super Bowl, I dunno might be there were three big bang theory, good finished. It's kind of sad. It's gone. Yeah, they're done. They have pictures on their Instagram taking down the set..

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