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That's a rather small number for the obsession that japan has with this and i recall very very clearly show japan's at session with this particular issue was part of what didn't go right in the two thousand eight negotiations we continue to see these motorcades kept him to to david's point about nuclearization of this area that's what the prime minister of singapore voice to me his concern is that south korea japan may be forced to go nuclear if the united states decides to you know pull its forces in its umbrella back and that would be a whole different shift in the balance of power the balance the forces and you've got you know what may or may not happen in the middle east with the rupture of the iran nuclear deal so it's the idea of trying deciding whether to remove us full schism uk umbrellas has so many sort of it's also going to be a concern for for allies south korea and japan given a there you see kim jong un's motorcade or getting a really good image you can see some i believe that's north korean state television sticking out of of the vehicle the the entourage for kim has extensive cuss state media coverage almost will ripley earlier were saying they have almost as many videographers photographers as they do a bodyguard security personnel in in their entre is and they have been very very quick to turn video around of kim jong on there you see though welcome to santosa island the island where this is taking a n and it's rare in north korea you can hear some birds early in the morning here the sun is rising it's rare north korea for north korean media to be reporting on an event like this wallet is still taking place absolutely very rare even yesterday she talked about denuclearization days is our lead as going to just huge.

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