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Presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner swint. We survived our number one. The best minds a cave k. Getting that phone line up and going again. Welcome back in to the auto collision specialist studios. I m tanner schwinn again an abbreviated show today Unc pre-game show starting at ten thirty with tip off at eleven o'clock unc. Taking on southern utah. today boat. Human company looked great yesterday in their victory. Let's see let's go back. So kevin lytle is in vegas and what we learned. So far is that kevin may or may not have stayed up too late. He's saying he didn't. I'm saying that he did. You know we will get into that. We are saying that sees you plays nine thirty tonight against fresno state. Let's welcome back in kevin line with fort collins colorado kevin. I told you our best minds were on it. yeah i. I was.

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