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On down for his fourth appearance in a patriots uniform this season he is struggled mightily he's yet he's worked one full inning in one of his relief appearances that was his first time out against the long island ducks back on may twenty i in which allowed three runs on three hits in one inning as a pretty high er ray fiscal year from muhammad mrs upstairs wanted oh isn't factored into a decision yet but a twenty two point five zero e r ray in his three appearances is allowed five runs in at chew innings of work but one out check swing foul ball one ball at one strikes the count his last time out was against the lancaster born stormers that came wednesday night game which the patriots won by a score of tend to five he allowed two runs the nut ballgame on one hit two walks in just the third of the one one from a hamad mrs low two balls in one strike mohammad came on for the bottom of the night sitting in that one with the patriots leading by a score tend to three ula those two runs at exited of orbit benchley the patriots rebel a top things off to one here mrs load outside three balls in one strike this is muhammad second home appearance of his career when twothirds of an inning without allowing a run on one hit against the bridgeport bluefish last week pre comes in here with the patriots trailing by three try to keep it a manageable difference for somerset fastballs on the inside quarter i try here from muhammad and account boost the korean sue its cabanera nhs bribe townsend hector oliveira the two three four batters up for the sugarland skaters here in the top of the night three to pitch from sonar drill deep left golson ranges back he looks up that's over both laws of advertisements here at teabag paul park along solo homerun for kevin errands and it's now a six two sugarland lead near the top of the night all muhammad worked his way back in the council make it full but a long solo run from kevin ahrens that's his fourth.

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