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View. The view and rupee is interviewing there. I think it's the abc doctor lady and then We'll even get a little A little way in from joy behar. Let's just hear how the view ladies try to walk this one back. Do you think this pandemic hint in the way that it had thank. Everybody had an idea of where it came from but nobody knew for sure and no one was leading the science. Roll out to find out. Just no one. No one was leading. The cy is so good going to be stopping this. No one was leading the science. Roll out you see. No one is she. She means trump but she doesn't say came from. Nobody knew for sure and no one was leading the science rollout to find out. Do you think that might be a reason to find out. This is complete bullcrap. So many different theories i do. I think that's partially it. I think also there was some there. Were people that had raised concerns early on a couple of years before saying that you know. The safety precautions in this particular lab won't continue know always followed and when that theory came that it could have come from a lab came out under the former administration. And i think the messenger matters during when theory started to be told the messenger matters when it comes to science it was buried in an administration and a former president who often kind of troch in Kind of racist whistles and so confused because all we heard was racist tropes and dog whistles and we were confused be like well. This can't be true because it's coming from the racist men buried the message that could have been actually reasonable but no one was going to hear it because it came from under trump's administration and the media at that time was used to what he rolled out and they were going to push back on that admitting it when round was march eight ron april last year. I think i did a whole segment outlining how this came from the lab and how debunked because of a letter to the editor at nature medicine magazine and this is again. Congratulations to all producers of the no agenda show because of the expertise that we have amongst our producers we. I think we're very healthy because we stayed very calm throughout all of this and we also throw in some humor but we we saw all of this and there was enough to feel calm. That all right. We're going gonna figure this out. This is bullcrap and here we are. And you're right. All of this stuff. It started with phoning the phony charts and then the pcr test all of this. The hydroxy chloroquine pasco. Yeah well that that one still unraveling. We're still on right now in the middle of the scandal. But let's go back to because it's so good. The media at that time was used to what he doled out and they were going to push back on that. I think more investigation is needed. But i think there is whether the world health organization is the one to do it is debatable because again they seem to have some partnerships or china has undue influence on them. And i don't quite understand that. And i think collaborative international committee economies have been toppled over. Three million. people have died. We need people from all over the globe to come together and get in there because china has not been transparent about this right so what she's going on about without mentioning is that during this period trump pulled funding all funding from the. Who and said that. They were a stooge of china but that that he's racist it was just as normal xenophobic tropes. We don't pay no attention. The dog whistle dog whistle. Thank you he couldn't be right. You know we knew this. Where the media. What a failure. What a canard. Collaborative national committee economies have been toppled over. Three million. people have died. We need people from all over the globe to come together and get in there because china has not been transparent about this doors cleared of criticized pfau chief for not knowing the exact answer when everyone wanted it now. I mean you know this. Anti science crowd on the right with the with trump has been criticizing fao ci from the giddy app kind of oracle of delphi. Instead of a scientist now the man gets the facts gets the information and then joust what he says to people would expect from him and you know trumpets was blaming the chinese from the beginning because he was using them as scapegoats. If it happens to be true that it comes from wuhan well. That was just a lucky break on his pipe. Because in my opinion by your the deep that level of deep seated hate people like joy behar. It's really humiliation to the network executives have put that show on their completely day allow. This is really toxic. This is talks. Materialists poisoning the public mindset. They are completely oblivious to what they're doing they are a- tone-deaf colorblind everything and it stems most of the stems from the new york times reporting maggie haberman and this will lead you into your npr clips because of how she talked this one. Let's see what she thinks about this. Do you think it's important to remember that part of the issue when this was first being reported on and discussed back a few months after the pandemic had begun was that then president trump and mike pompeo The secretary of state both suggested they had seen evidence that this was formed in a lab and they also suggests that it was not released on purpose but they refused to release the evidence showing what it was so because of that that made this instantly political. And there's no evidence now either but something changed. Something happened things coming down. Npr does take it from the perspective of official official dumb. And i have two clips. Were they're trying to get out of. It actually may be nice to travel vaccine is whereas the one. I'm looking at wuhan origins luhan origins. There's two clips wanted to try. Start with one today. President biden released a statement about the origins of the corona virus. In it he said that. Us intelligence agencies are unsure whether the virus developed naturally or was accidentally released from a lab separately on capitol hill's nations top scientists called for a more thorough investigation into the origins of the virus. Joining me now to discuss what this all means is npr science and security correspondent. Jeff brumfield hyrule high okay. So let's talk. What exactly did it say. Well it said. The intelligence community was divided over whether the coronavirus came from a natural source or whether it was the result of a laboratory accident now the majority of the nation's many intel agencies said they weren't sure but to agencies thought it was probably natural one thought it probably came from a lab. All three of those assessments are low to moderate confidence based on the data. They have so. So it's it's not a high competence assessment louis low to moderate confidence. That is not reassuring. What exactly does that mean. I mean the short answer is it means. They don't know low to moderate confidence could mean that they don't have a lot of sources of intelligence to draw on or that they don't trust the sources they do have such a scam to give this over to intelligence agencies. Are.

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