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At me if you like at Matt Paulie on air M A T T p A U l E Y on air taking until nine o'clock this evening again live at Summerfest. If you are out and about stop on by wave will wave back well. Will share a moment together as you make your way from one show to another here at Summerfest. We've got a poll question. By the way, if you're on Twitter, Hop on, find my Twitter account. Find the WTMJ Twitter account mine at Matt Polly on air. Up in in honor in celebration of the Daniel will go back pinch it walk off Grand Slam this past week against the Cardinals. The question that I threw up What is the most exciting way to win a baseball game and I tried to come up with four. Very unlikely things and walk off Grand Slam is what is on there, as you might expect. I also went with a walk off home run, but that's robbed by an outfitter. So you know Lorenzo Cain taking one back over the wall to win the game that being the third out And if it goes over, it wins the game for the other team put in three bases loaded strikeouts. Now Twitter restricts your characters on answers to poll questions, so I thought on this on the three bases of strikeouts is it's a one run game. So the runner at third represents the tying run. The runner at second represents the go ahead run. No outs back to back to back, bases loaded. Strikeouts. I can't get all that information and the answer. But if you go vote now you can know that I was thinking about and then I think the rarest of all of them. I don't even know if and when this has ever happened in Major League baseball, a game ending triple play. How about that? That one. I'll tell you right now that's getting the least amount of votes. The most unlikely one to happen, getting the least amount of votes, so we'll revisit. This will discuss this coming up later on in the program. Bob tweeted back at me on it, and I really liked his thoughts on it, he said. The walk off Grand Slam is the only one that's purely positive. The other three are the sense of a relief after prior mistakes. That's a great point by Bob and I tried to When I went into this, I tried to think to from an offensive standpoint to from a fielding standpoint, But what's what's more excited than a walk off Grand Slam? There's maybe sometimes triples are really excited, or maybe an inside the park. Grant. I don't know. Maybe I should have gone with inside the park. But then which one do I take away? This is this is fun. So head to my Twitter account at Matt Paulie on air. Answer that question, And we will. Certainly I discussed that brewers are continuing to just find ways to win. It is Here's my word. What word? Am I about to use Greg Hill? What word is about to come out of my mouth. Bounce back. No. Oh, you know, you're smart. You're smart Know remarkable the words Remarkable world. Remarkable. Uh, there it is. Thank you. Remarkable. It is absolutely our word. What the brewers have been able to do They just Keep winning games. They are 31 games over 500 that ties a franchise record their lead in the division over the Cincinnati Reds 12 games They have never. They have never had a 12 game division lead in the 50 plus year history of the Milwaukee Brewers. I don't know what you say, and they're doing this. They've done it all year long. They've had a fair amount of adversity. I don't know if they've had more adversity than other teams when you're really close to it like I think I've had this discussion with people because there's this There's this sense this feeling that The Brewers have suffered more injuries and I've had more bad things happen to them than other teams. They really haven't injuries have been really bad across baseball this year. Everybody's been dealing with it. But that being said the one thing we're not the one thing one of the many things about the Brewers is when they've got these when they got these injury issues. It doesn't really slowed them down the only one that slowed him down just a little bit. Just a little bit was when they had the Covid outbreak. There were a couple games in there. What you thought? You know what if they had a full bullpen, they probably would have won that game. I think there was two games like that if I remember correctly where you kind of said Okay, this is, uh, this is a covid loss right here. But outside of that, and we're talking two games, two measly games. You think of everything that has happened throughout the year, especially since May 22nd. That's That's where we really start evaluating this team because that's when Willie Adama's arrived and the team became different when Willie Adama's got here since May 22nd No matter what's been thrown at this team. They've just been able to battle they were threatened. Now they don't even have, will you Domus at the moment, he has not played that much here over the past few weeks because he's been dealing with the quad and now all of a sudden he is on the injured list, so he's doing a little bit more activity. Hopefully he's going to be back sooner than later. He said the other day that He's probably not going to be able to return at 100%. But his goal is to going to be at 95%. And just just move forward and try to do his best to be able to kind of preserve that health, preserved the 95% and then go into the off season and go ahead and get healthy, But they just they take two out of three from a Phillies team without Willie Adama's and I've talked about this a lot. I talked about it during the ST Louis series. I talked about it during the Phillies series. One of the things that that always worries me when when those type of series get started is I've used this term. It's when the Games are not equally yoked. The games for the Cardinals and the Games for the Phillies meant more than those games meant for the Brewers. The Brewers are going to win this division. There's absolutely no doubt that the Brewers are going to win this division. The Cardinals and the Phillies are fighting that they are fighting for their playoff lives. So those games meant so much more to the Phillies and the Cardinals. Yet what happens, the Brewers just find a way to win. It's It's incredible. It's remarkable. It's fun, and it's a really special team, and it's very enjoyable to watch. If you wanna join us. You can do so.

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