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I'll tell your wife. But yeah, man, you know, it's. It's. Summit? Weiqing Phoenix, I think is while not as I'm looking for the movie. I'm very curious. I think it could be a good film, especially with the cast talking about the talking about Robin narrow, even though you're telling me like months, Cassese cousin. Yeah, it's not much Chris was robbed a near even going to be in it there. I think he is. He's playing like a talk show host. David Letterman asked torture. Destroys is his career. Yeah, Korean hasn't Dr his drives him insane like this. They have other people that are released. Not that cash is good. You know, it's as good cast good for drama. Zaza beats is releasing pictures of her now wife in the film, the girl he's interested in. Okay, which means you just talk and she didn't look out a window or something, you know. So I'm the cast, not the not so much the premise, but the cast. And I think that the setting putting in makes me kinda exciting thing that's confusing Batman movie because he's so essential to his origin and relationships and everything. Not in there. This weird. I mean, I can they make it work without that man. He's in the last third of the Phil. I think that that's the most interesting thing about is that they pull something like they did with Batman begins where you don't see. The joker, but at the at the initial car. Right. I don't know. Maybe at the end of it, you see the bat symbol, go up and what is that? Right. Okay. So, yeah. Yeah, sting or something. I think it'd be interesting to see if they do without a doubt. Joker film without relying on Batman. I think that'd be pretty. That'd be awesome. But like you said, I'm kind of skeptical with that also could keep that under wraps like we haven't released a new Batman or whatever kind of cool, but I don't know, man, it's all it's all exhausted at this point. I have no faith in DC. Show. Yeah, no. Man, you know a definite thing at this point. They have something to prove and that's encouraging. But still I'm not going to be hinged on the, it'd be positive. I think the look is cool. I like it. I mean walking talented actor, but I, I don't know. At the day, the screen test. I mean, this could be garbage. It's just zoomed in camera with some abstract music on a pass ity. Exactly, exactly. So we'll see. We'll see. The guess what it comes down to the bottom line is that I have more faith in this and any project that they've done in the past. Sure. They had to rip off the dog night to do. So. Let's see. Let's see. Loosely, Gerald wants to say Jerrell. Yeah, please come up here. We can come back after he's done. Yes. No, what's up come on, bring bring it to the Mike Thomas Wayne in the film, but nothing batmans dead. Bruce Wayne's data Thomas Wayne, you nice. Okay. Oh, okay..

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