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Appropriate as she's forced to furlough her staff I'm gonna be lucky to keep twenty percent on lucky's already offers its food through delivery aspects five A. is keeping her fingers crossed I really hope that it doesn't go more than seven to fourteen days I hope shared by thousands of wait staff and bartenders across the city Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas time eleven fifty time for your propel insurance money update here's Jennifer kitchen got mowing services supports a minimum of sixty billion dollars in government aid to help the aerospace industry whether the economic impact of the corona virus outbreak Boeing says it's seeking access to public and private liquidity as well as loan guarantees for the aerospace manufacturing industry the Wall Street journal says the administration's proposed a package includes fifty billion for the aerospace industry the trump administration says individuals and businesses will be allowed to delay paying their two thousand nineteen tax bills were ninety days past the usual April fifteenth deadline the extension as an effort to inject up to three hundred billion dollars into the economy at a time when the corona virus appears on the verge of causing a recession taxpayers will still have to file their tax returns by the April fifteenth deadline that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news good news time eleven fifty one Hey it's Dr king and Dr capstan from K. two vision doctor cop sting you performed over thirty thousand lance bass procedures how do you determine the best procedure for the patient in my mind there three types of patients those who should have cornea based surgery like Lasix those who should have lens based surgery like R. Ellie and those who should have nothing at all we recognize that many people over fifty may instead benefit more from our L. E. a quick painless procedure.

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