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Not a channel. Okay. All right. That attitude. Hype man. The NFL draft is tomorrow, Nick coffee from seven ninety KRLD is headed that way. So we're gonna try to get a hold of him tomorrow, the NFL draft will get a higher ratings than some of the NBA playoff games. And guess what? Good news for me because my wife is a huge. I've never talked about this on the air. I don't like talking about personal stuff in my wife on the the no, no. But for one time, I'm going to do it. My wife has an affinity. She loves university Kentucky football. All right. Here's another pig behind the curtain. I happen to be a huge New York. Giants fan. Haley are you hearing this for the first time? Really wife, very bold and brave. You open up so much also has three nipples. But that has nothing to do with the story. Everybody knew that. So anyway. The rumor has it that you case Josh Allen. Yes goes to the New York Giants. Let it be true. Yes. There is going to be very interesting. Josh Allen university form university of Kentucky player will go in the top five possibly in. Even my wife. Also was an interesting picture of her and Josh Allen. I'll share that on social media that wouldn't be. Okay. So we have we have another commercial where Haley plays. My mother. The net deserves big music. Hang on turn yours down there. New amateurs. Yeah. This.

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