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The governor over in the Bay Area, we're taking a look at least on a state level and on a local level, all kinds of things tonight, including congressional races were watching the district four contest, too. It is pitting longtime incumbent Republican Tom McClintock against Democrat bring Kennedy gave McKay's Brody Fernandez has a closer look at that one. Yeah, Tim, California's fourth congressional district is not one. Democrats are necessarily banking on here, but the amount of money the Democratic Party consistently spends on trying to flip this congressional seat while it adds up Every year, and it's a lot. That's because GOP congressmen incumbent Tom McClintock has been in that seat since 2008 and there hasn't been any real challenger for him since he won his seat over 12 years ago. Now, California's fourth congressional district runs through Alpine, Amador, Kalamarias, Eldorado, Mariposa and Ptolemy counties, plus most of plaster county and portions of Fresno, Madeira, Nevada counties. Now, Plaster County is usually the true marker this election because the district kind of stretches over and grabs the city of Roseville and swings back up to portions of the gold country. Now, brain. Kennedy has outspent McClintock here, which is typical of a challenger. McClintock is still the favorite. But again, Tim into in 2020, anything could happen. All right, Brody, thank you very much. There also. A dozen propositions on the California ballot this election, including prop 14 that some say chips away at the voter approved prop 13 property tax protections by changing the way that commercial and industrial properties are taxed. The plan is to generate more money, they say for K through 12 public schools, community colleges and also look local government coffers. That is the latest from our decision desk..

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