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Yes, I play Talia the Russian villain. And I have a lot of people Comecon come up with their Taliban animated things cell and I signed superhero girl shit. Dc superhero girls. Yes. That DC superhero girls. And I play Martha Kent. I, I lose I am stripped of my superpower, although you're a mom, I'm the mom superhero. And also, I'm a mom that's true. That's true. Remember that? So what has what do you find sustains you? That's such a good question too silky and the fishing the suck. That's the la-. Yes. Well. I think I mean what is sustaining? It is. I think my good marriage. Is that just so embarrassed? Why would that? That's, that's I'll tell the chew them to such a shoutout to rub. Lots key right now. When Hannah went to college, I don't know if it was the first or second year. I don't even know if I've told him this. He knows this though. He's, you know, started this nonprofit turbine arts and does these wonderful improv shows and brings in local LA artists on Sunday nights and kind of just does this as his love and creative hobby on their website. Yes. Turbine arts collective. I think that's sure turbine arts. Oh my gosh. Find that you can find that you can guess. Anyway, it was like the first or second year, and there was this emptiness thing that hit or I don't know how to describe it. I just want mother. Join clubs you. I mean, an all I news starting at around three o'clock in the afternoon, probably the time when I used to pick her up at school or something. I just kind of settle on the couch. And you know, this just this just kind of a little bit blue and dreary, and I just had this impression in feeling of rob and not impression he'd be like, come on old, girl and Sunday nights. He would make me perform, you know, we would do improv shows and things like that, and it was just such a gift to kind of whether he meant to or not, like, you know, get me out, and you just, you know, there's life is still going on, so that, that was that's fun. And that continues to go on. Do you enjoy improv? I do I do. He's masterful at. I'm not just saying it because he's my husband. There are people that are just and he's teaching it. Now, does these he teaches introduction, and then two classes during the week for this particular technique, which is not based on comedy? It's based on you only do impr-, you only take from what you're getting from the other person. So you're never having to think up something funny, or come up with a funny line. And he's, he's really interested in that way of working. But yeah. And then the but in terms of what is sustaining or what my friendships, I think, really help a lot being. I've been a composer, I have made five records. I've just finished a sixth album that's been helpful. Yeah. I'm and center. Yes. Well, that's because it's like too much work to find other people..

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