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We have a decision in jeopardy in terms of a new permanent replacement for alex. Tra- back after months of celebrity guest hosts game so veteran and executive producer. Mike richards and miam- bialik. You know her from the big bang theory and blossom. They have both been named as the new house. So mike richards is going to be. The regular like syndicated hosts. That will see every monday. Through friday night. He'll also remain as executive producer. And then my in bialik is going to host some other jeopardy related stuff. I have been chosen as the person to do other jeopardy things. Primetime things spinoff things. There's a college jeopardy name. It and they may dream it up for me to host. And i'm suber freaked about a nagging was thrown your phone thrown. I i love it. Your roof pherson upset about this could hear it. I'm not about her. okay. I am huge jeopardy nerd. I watch it regularly pay for the app. I'd play weekly. i love it love so much. I like her. I wouldn't even bed mad if she was the fulltime host but like it should have been lavar. It should have been cain it. It shouldn't be this producer. It's aggravating as a fan to just be like. Oh okay all right. I guess what we want doesn't matter well. My alec did have a message for all of the fans like you. Who wanted it to be lavar. And if you don't like me as the host of jeopardy i'm sorry i love lavar burton. I've worked with him on big bang theory. I really have great respect for everybody. Who guests hosted and i think it's really amazing women woman host of jeopardy woman certainly excited. She's literally like frigging. How a group of senior executives behind the scene said they. They did extensive research to make this decision. They poured over footage from every episode and reviewed richer research from focus groups and they got input from jeopardy viewers. And that's how they came to this final decision. Yesterday somebody bought a slice of prince charles. And princess diana's wedding cake for two thousand five hundred and sixty five dollars at auction. And i told you this was going on the auction block a few weeks ago and a day. The cake featured a detailed sugar design had marzipan base and it had the real coat of arms in gold red blue and silver. It was given to a royal staffer who ended up preserving it in his beautiful tin and dated july. Twenty nine nineteen eighty-one. That's when the wedding actually happened. So the piece of cake was sold to a man from great britain who described himself as a monarchist and was just really excited to drop twenty five hundred bucks on a peace gate. That i don't even know what you're gonna do it. How do you get. I can't even get the veggies in the drawer last week. How do you get a case cases. Save that log you're right. I know it's the spring. Mix that i buy every up because it's true for everybody. Okay last week. Ashton could sir and meal kunas kind of had everybody talking they. They sparked this debate when they revealed that they don't wash themselves and their kids everyday dax shepard. Kristen bell hopped on the bandwagon of agreeing with that. Dwayne the rock johnson said. Oh no i'm on the other end of the spectrum. I take at least three showers. A day will ashton. Meal are now making fun of themselves. They posted a video yesterday of them actually beating their children trying to enter them one. This is ridiculous. Dating four four times this great body oils are going to be destroyed. Lastly how passionate are you about your dipping sauces at mcdonald's in iowa man is being accused of making a false bomb threat over his mcdonalds order mishap. Police arrested a gentleman by the name of robert galster junior after he allegedly threatened to blow up his local mcdonalds and punch and employees in the head. Police say go whites or junior called mcdonald's at stay treat street new orleans road mentioning the store blowing up and someone punching an employee who's allegedly upset over a mistake with his order. The mistake was he didn't receive his dipping sauce with his chicken so after police contacted him. He admitted to making the threats in houston. Some pretty major.

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