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Feel good movies of the year? Yeah. What do we got? We have this this, uh it was snapped up at Sundance in February for a record $25 million by Apple Plus And it's a remake remake of a French film. It's called Coda, and it starts Marlee Matlin and Koda stands for Children of deaf adults. And it's about this girl Ruby, who's just beginning to understand like how powerful her singing voices and she's the child. It's such a hilarious people. Both of her parents and her brother are death and their fishing family. And, you know she wants to go to this. His music teacher. She joins choir. He's like, I really think you could get into Berkeley, which is Music Academy in Boston, Okay, and but then she would have to Leave her parents and she's the hearing person. So how does that work? How does that work the obligation and she Things and signs a song that's very near and did her. Did you watch this? Yes. Called both sides. Now Judy Collins at Marlene. Maybe you could find a grant. You just look both sides now Amelia Jones, or look at Koda. But it is. I don't know. I really looked like it was gonna be good. You know the boy, innit? Lorries from Duluth. He talked about him last week is he s okay. He is He kind of looks like our nephew Louis we done okay. So he reminded us, um, both Casey and I were like, Oh, yeah. We watched this on on Saturday night, and I was just like We haven't watched like just a feel good movie in a long time. And it was it was so well done. And how like at one point you know, Ruby takes out her. Ear Bud. She's listening to some music and the noise in her house. Her mom is because they can't hear even no idea what the sound is. So it's really like how we did with the sound of metal. You know, just it was very eye opening, but it is, um Really, really, really sweet movie Both sides now Judy Collins. Correct. Yeah, clouds.

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