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Rallies planned here in DC, and its state Capitol buildings around the country, FBI director Christopher Wray said. The concern is the proximity between Governor And officials and people with guns. Aaron Kit Risky ABC NEWS New York guns to boots More boots on the ground coming this time from Massachusetts Governor Baker activating 500 National Guard troops. To head to the capital ahead of the inauguration. Now I want to add there are no known threats to the Commonwealth. At this time. However, of an abundance of caution. Governor Baker has signed an order activating another 500 members of the Massachusetts National Guard to be on standby here in support of state and local law enforcement But again No credible threats in Massachusetts at this time. All right is 10 33. That's our time. And it's time to check traffic on the threes with Kevin. The Subaru Retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. Good morning. Thank good morning there Lower? Yes. South of town watching some pretty big delays here. 4 95 South bound your jams Soon after Route one in Plainville, two miles. Getting down to that crash got the two left lanes blocked at Route 95 here in Fox borough. 24 is a nice ride Route three North bound. We got right lane Road work on that ramp to route 93 south here and Braintree. That's got traffic backed beyond the Bergen Parkway. No troubles here on the expressway South bound their expected open up that H O V lane at one o'clock this afternoon for the holiday weekend. Storrow Drive downtown. Westbound here. Slow getting by these right lane Work crews just after the Longfellow Bridge looking pretty good up to the north on routes 1 93 as well. Is that a parental 1 28 and watching troubles here in MBT, a commuter rail All Middleborough, Kingston and Greenbush trains. They're dealing with big delays both directions due to a train traffic caused by a broken down Middleborough train tunnel..

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