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Going. Oh No that I've ever known anyone to have just the Wino- how would you disguise if you had a one year. That was unusually large. You with your hair hair. A COP spotted him recognized him on the street and arrested him. He was sentenced to thirty weeks in jail thirty weeks. I I put. It was the tattoo more than the big year that got him. It must have been the big ear and the Tattoo about the wise. Those Clark. Kent glasses are complete disguised. Everyone knows today's war on of the day is a gentleman named Mark Cats no central Florida. Of course a homeowner in bury sands was sleeping in his Miami home minding his own business when he woke up to the sound of a woman screaming for help so berry left out of bed and went to his front door and when he opened it he was was attacked by home. Intruder Marquette's Nelson but berry fought back. He pummeled the Veggie Burgers. Out of this dude good and you should see this guy's space and you're GonNa because when you text the word Moron two eight two six two seven four three seven GonNa get the shot. What's a man? Gene that had a beating put on. I ninety yeah. He was transported to the hospital after that weapon and then he was charged with burglary and assault and and he's being held without bond good There might not be anything. That's siblings. Take more seriously than who gets the ride shotgun. There's a twenty seven year old guy whose name is Brett Brzezinski and his from Blakely Pennsylvania and last week he and his girlfriend were picking up his twenty year old sister Brianna Brzezinski from work work. Well she got into an argument with her brother about who is going to sit in the front seat with her or his girlfriend and it got serious to the point where they started started physically fighting the brother and sister and when the COP showed up Brett took off and got in a high speed chase with his girlfriend hanging out of the window of the car when Brett finally stopped because of a traffic jam his sister both got out and you know what they did. They started fighting attacking hacking the cops. They were both arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. Brett's girlfriend was not charged. The cops say she was a victim and she. She has filed a restraining order against the entire Brzezinski family. That's a first that is a I. The entire family has the charge and finally what do you do to celebrate your last night of being twenty years old while if you're Trevor Smith of the Puree area and Illinois doc you go out and you drive your dodge charger off the road and landed into a ditch and a single car crash. Deputies came to the crash and they saw trevor who was just hours away from turning twenty one and he appeared pretty intoxicated. They smelled burnt marijuana in the car. There's an open bottle of vodka. Trevor declined to be breathalysed and he also denied that he'd been drinking even though they arrested him for a Dui after he couldn't impasse any of the sobriety tests. He told deputies the reason that he reeked of alcohol was not because he'd been drinking but because he'd been making out with his girlfriend a lot and she'd been drinking the old transfer of the booze breath thing And then he told the deputies uh-huh listen I make love to my girlfriend. We're all adults here. What yeah that's what he said he said to the deputy chaff? You know that was really stupid in so many different ways. He's going to be twenty one the next day and so now. He's drinking underage wiggle and John. I mean what you do. Is You go out with your dad or whatever you have the first week if you choose the three driver not if you're trevor. He's making out with this girlfriend. He just basic because we're all adults here. Text the word face Popo. Text the word Moron seal eight eight eight two six six to seven four three seven straight ahead hurt felt gifts under uh the affair. PODCAST BOB and Sheri odd cast download the Free Bob and Sheri APP website. Or wherever you get your podcast Bob and Sheri. I have decided after reading this story about heartfelt gifts that you can receive for the holidays that I prefer not to get get a heartfelt gift. 'cause I'm looking at him and you hate the heartfelt well the the ones that are mentioned they're five of them. This is in the New York Post and I think when you think of heartfelt things the New York Post immediately comes to mind here the five most popular heartfelt it felt gifts under one hundred dollars custom pillows or blankets. You don't you don't want that. No what if it was a lobster but with your you were head on it instead of a lobster's head no you just turn turn me around. See All of the imagination here comes the lobster. You know it's got his claws but instead instead of a lobster face it's got your face and I'm grinning like a fool. Yes absolutely. That's a winter. Hey Dibs Dame's if I get a secret number four custom mugs or cups. We cannot have any more mugs in our house even if it had your face on it and it said Good Morning Mary for my lips to yours or something like that. That's a good one. All in the imagining. Maybe I could throw out. You know like an old one I know lace it with that it looks like a regular regular mug. Yeah but you're smiling faces on the bottom of the inside. So when she drinks that last drop their you or that or that one like Allie gave me that. Were pictures of Finn that it. You don't see it until you put hot. And then all of a sudden Mary Mary goes. She's got got the Mug. My face is not there and all of a sudden I appear with a smile on my face and she's drinking at first thing in the morning. That's a lucky woman. Almond changed again. Photo books There okay I I mean. I don't do the. Mary does them for her children every year. It's a look back every a year And they're everywhere in our house and then they're very nice. They're very nice bad. Like you know graduation pictures and travels travels bet if it was a photo book book called Bob Plus Fin Best France and it was all pictures of you in from the year. I bet you would love about something everyone could enjoy. Oh you're turning me around. I had a negative attitude toward these heartfelt gifts just got two left. Hey a handwritten notes. I'm not against handwritten notes. I wrote one the other day to An elderly person that I know who lives alone and I felt really good. What about if Mary reached out to every member of your family and said this year for Christmas? Were all going to write a letter. I about Bob or about about your dad and we're going to put them all in a gift box and then he can sit and read all the wonderful things everyone thinks about. I would enjoy that very much. Very heartfelt felt to be theme here with the Hartfield victory hard fill and finally frame for this. What if it was a beautiful photos of me in front out of a lighthouse are holding or walking thin? Yeah we'RE GONNA have to re cut the do it again some other time because I want I I just have to change that. I love heartfelt gifts. These fantastic in the hospital. Bob Gave me a framed picture of himself with an autograph that said Good Luck. Wanted said it was the only one you ahead by your bedside right I was I was there for you. I think that the reason you initially thought you weren't going to like these harpo gifts. Because you've not received Steve Enough of them but now that you have an idea say any okay. Now that I look at them that would be any. It's amazing acing. You know how just a little thing can can just change a person that that's great. Okay well I am leaving this somewhere over as easily scarver cover. That's going to be right there in the kitchen by the stone. You're going to be very very easy to shop. Yes and all under one hundred dollars saving money for people through. It'll be a very bob. macey Jason Chris Yeah just take your stock. And that's how I'll always look back on Mary. Remember Very Bob Lacey. AC Frisk boy. I know she inspired sir. Get Lamar's review sent right to your phone text movies. You eight the date Bob sharing just before you go on and on about what you're going to go on and on I have a new skill. died is amazing cleaning really yes. What is your skill? Why did you say that is amazing? Because you're not a person WHO's out there actively looking to acquire new skills you telling me that I don't need any new friends. I don't need to learn skills. What is your new skill? I learned how to Did this all by myself. Just by trial and error a properly really clean. I really Greasy Nasty IRON FRYING PAN cake. So you're not supposed to put them in the dishwasher. Evidently and some people don't even like to use soap on them although at the end of it like with my process. I can't stop myself so let's Mary's Cook something and she just loved it. There cast irons asked Tarn. Yeah and she just leaves it on the Stove.

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