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Men the construction college going to be out in force this weekend making your drive yeah it could be a real pain details some car radios Chris Solomon the southbound lanes of the ninety nine total are going to be close tonight to southbound lanes of I. five are gonna be closed overnight both Friday and Saturday across the ship canal bridge the old bridge will be down to one lane in each direction from tonight through Monday morning four or five northbound thru bill you will see closures all weekend and I ninety eastbound is going to be closed tomorrow night between Seattle and Mercer island all right let us check car radio real time traffic as in now here's our friend Miley Katie what's going on in the south bound tunnel in Seattle the disabled vehicle that was there and causing trouble is causing less trouble now it has been cleared so hopefully that that should start to look better stand on Mercer island west ninety between island crest way and made them an accident has been cleared to the right shoulder that is now coming back at every drivers on north on I five cars are jammed with full stop from just before highway five twenty six marine you drive let's check out a few real time travel times now Redmond to Seattle is thirty seven minutes Lin wood to W. is twenty one minutes and Sarah fabric is seventy five minutes this report is sponsored by point defiance zoo and aquarium the red wolf pups are here all eight of them here serious and growing fast these adorable and all that point defined viewing experience into a comma I'm Miley Katie with Tyra radio real time traffic there's a car seven pinpoint weather forecast was such anarchy be creasing today in the mid seventy six seventy five seventy six tomorrow low seventies mostly cloudy could see some sprinkles and drizzle of.

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