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These folks here roles and they're no longer mythical figures like pol. Bunion are still driving. John henry These stats the demise their accomplishments. I'm going to speak on behalf of imagine just to give some family but all the other family as well because we didn't keep in touch first of all. We're very excited at baseball reference. Come out with these. We all know that mainly basal made a huge announcement last year to clue. Nicholas insistence into the record books. We're very excited to work with sean myself as well my historian. So i'm kern to work with sean on josh gibson's piece as a family speak about. This is very exciting to us. Because as larry mentioned it not only gives you being paul bunyan aspect of it but if also give you store aspect of it where now you can relate. Initially statistics and major league baseball six. There were several conversations. I used to always have about black and white right and started to be like josh considered one of the greatest black baseball players. Well now can say josh. You consider one of the greatest baseball players of all time. It's no a black and white as we all talk about it. As we move forward is very exciting. To see this opportunity come forefront. We know the at the last year and to finally see this actually take place in the pharmacy baseball records. The first one to step out and showed us insist becoming out tomorrow and we're very excited to be a part of this as as as far as the families are no. We have central page is on here today. linda page. But gleaner is sean mentioned but necessar- oh she's were turkey stearns ron lee. Who's one of three players. That's living still from the nineteen twenty to nineteen forty era. We all started at niggly families and player lines and we all stick together and we all want to make sure that we all work together. And we're very excited that this opportunity has come today. We're very excited. Thanks auto questions leading up to only josh gibson. But the other greg nibbling baseball players that will be included anthony satistics. Okay and i want to play one more clip for you of sean larry in this one which also ask for a few minutes you will hear them talk about the personal significance of this news to them and to the families of negro leaguers and to the surviving negro leaguers themselves. This time the first voice you hear will be shawn's followed by larry's for me. I'll go first for me. It's going to be very exciting to see. Josh gives his name as well. Doubling great baseball players in some of the categories not just in some of the category but ranked as far as the top five. And you know josh situation. You know. We all know his batting average in nineteen forty three. They'd be the all time single season batting average on that year. So you know like larry. Seeing tomorrow you'll see a lot of black faces black like names tomorrow including any statistics on whether it was charleston. Bullet rogan central page bug leonard. And let's those lawn is very exciting. But you know as far as the fantasy perspective. We're just very excited to see this happen. You know major league baseball announcing it was a lot of unanswered questions of how this is actually gonna take place. And you know sean. His crew is definitely showed us how it would take place on. That would become an tomorrow. So we're very excited. But there's also give a chance to see a guy like ron easley. The mentioned before he's ninety four years old and for him to be still living in the be able to see this come true for him is a blessing for our families. He has only one of three players that are still living in that era. Willie mays and i'm going to say the alert and correctly i think is bar gleason and and ron easley and so for him to be able to see this. You know you've probably never thought that he was something like this in his lifetime. And so i'm very excited for him myself more than you know about josh. But he's still living you know jobs and see it. But i mean Ron caesar is actually see his name including a record books so from the family's perspective is very exciting and from the player who still living and ninety four years old. It's going to be phenomenal for him to see that I agree with sean. This has been roller coaster. Ride for a sit in the living room. Many of these ball players the interview there when nobody knew they were on their radar and listen to their stories of how they compete against their white. Counterparts is overwhelming and Sometimes bring a tear to your eye when you talk to them about their greatness with they were able to accomplish and and so this is a a long journey for me Bittersweet bitter in that. It took so long for major league baseball to the negron ecstatic. I think this country has become a woken based on several social issues and concerns police brutality and systemic racism and now we have come full circle to recognize the greatness of the ball players who shannon. I've already we know that. The greatness of these men and some cases women have always been on our radar screen along with great owners. Like gus greenlee. Tom wilson in a jail workers and so forth so well and so. This is an opportunity for america to learn about some of the greatest ball players who ever played the game. They just happened to be Over darker complexion. So i'm looking forward to The advocates the promoters. I welcome all the critics. We got to stash the backup our talk so bring it home and i welcome any and all questions and concerns about the greatness of black men of color lastly. I figured that some of you will be wondering well. How complete are the stats. What research still needs to be done. We get into that with sean foreman a little later. But larry lester gave a slightly longer answer about that at the press conference. So here's larry speaking for a couple minutes about the work that has been done in the work that still needs to be done. Basically nine in the twenties of baseball was covered extensively by the black press so we have between ninety five to ninety nine percent of those gangs in the nineteen twenties based on scandals that have been printed. We go into the thirties with the depression We have less coverage. Sometimes it's sporadic. We made have maybe sixty seventy seventy five percent of the gangs discovered and as we move forward into the forties World war two and a new awareness With his country moving forward. We once again fan ninety percent of the game. we have mass a great database of games. However there are some gangs that are missy especially in one thousand nine forty eight. Because the like chris starting to cover with jackie robinson and larry doby and.

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