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Walking around acting like a victim. When I haven't had nothing to do with that, and none of the people that I know a racist. I don't know racist. I've never been around races. Why do I have to be subject to the idea that people are forced it on me? Just because the color of my skin It makes no sense to me, and that's a very common comment as well. It's insulting at this point. Stop it with your Venmo payments. People send them black people, $5. Sorry for racism like I thought. I told you about that. You know what he said? He said. If you're going T give black people guns is what he said. Just give him that. That's that's that's what we really need. You don't give me $5. That's insulting welfare. We're sending me five bucks. I'd be taken it now I have one more clip. Okay, There's something that guy set of lost it already going Well, I'm staying in the and he was talking about sports about e a sports, and that's what I was gonna say. What did he say? That there's somebody booted up Madden or something. And there was a black lives matter. Message. Yeah. Oh, yeah. What's that all about? Well, okay, check this out. Call of duty has now removed the okay. Gesture so you can't gesture Okay to your to your teammates because racist That's the gesture is just gone. Chester's never meant anything but okay, but it's gone. More recently met three points. If you're an MBA player, exact same gestures, it's true. The CIA had something else here. It was that there was something else that had changed. It was really odd. We know about we know about the Washington Redskins, Of course. No, we don't. Well, I mean, there's huge pressure for them to change. The name again is a new No, but it's no, It's not new, but you know, it's at a crescendo. They're going to have to change the name and I've already got an insight was going to be the Washington is going to be changed The Washington from the Washington Redskins to the Washington rednecks. I'm all in just as an entre Mont. Here's a A man on the street interview in D. C about the term Redskin and they interviewed to Black Americans. And here's their response to the word Redskin today on the streets of D. C. Rice. Even with the name with the name. It's offensive. It's a slur racial slur. That would be like having a team called the N Word Is that true? His is red.

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