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So contests a is like wow so buffy you've been you've been here almost twenty four hours with us. How was it so far? I mean you know just you know when I joined this group heavenly pick on me too and having these like I led to nothing about it come on and buff is like heavenly. Didn't do anything to me. She's all like we have sister matter now. I didn't like the comment about me me being infertile clip package about buffy lease insert that. Can we just clip package of just like just this look. I've heard an ultrasound clip package. Okay great great. So Jackie was like says that. Jackie goes. I'm sorry I didn't hear you. What what did you say Doctor speaking to non doctor. What did you say the she said you said? Buffy you're infertile and she's like I thought I was creating connection between you and I because we take our pain and we make purpose and she's like Yeah that was a lot much okay. That was team too much. Yeah and so- Oh Jackie. It's like well but I like to be voice. I use my pain in my infertility to help women hiding behind that pain and I didn't want it to come across as a means of hurting you or embarrassing you. I just wanted to be a hero as I assumed he would want to be a hero. Instead of Bobby's like out now you said inside said that period. I just want didn't want to embarrass her. You I just wanted to point out something very deeply personal that you told me and broadcaster about cancer too many people publicly in your face. People don't know you who might now see you in a different light. That's that's all that's all it's like. Well maybe we should just agree that we come to a place where we say. This is okay. To talk about public and Jackie's no because then it's a strange relationship if I have to ask like why the fuck would I have to ask you know and that way as well. I don't think it's okay for anyone to bring up my miscarriage until I say it's okay. Bring it happens happens. Yes it's mind to bring up. That's the point. Yeah it was actually kind of surprising that Jackie was pushing back so much on this on. This made me wonder if there was something deeper going on like maybe she was like I think that maybe she saw this as like an assault on her being very per woman or maybe S.. She says later on that. She's been apologizing to everyone so much and that people think that she is weak and maybe she saw this as a moment of someone trying to take advantage offer so I I just thought that her response was very shockingly Insensitive and it was weird that she was going to a place of well. I guess now. We're not true friends associates. Because I obviously can't say anything like Jack You know like it's it's for. It's for Buffy to tell people it's like buffy story and like if Buffy said if you said to Buffy Hey I'm making a speech and I want to mention you in this context would that be okay. I'm sure it'd be totally totally fine. But you just sort of like dropped it and such like this awkward and direct way. That probably made her feel totally self conscious. Like it's just weird that Jackie was didn't seem to really we get that. At that moment I took it. Jackie was mad because she's made efforts to be friends with buffy. And then this thing happened and there's been so much time between this and that happening and Buffy is now sitting next to Toya who's been coming Jackie all season and now. She's waiting till dinner conversation to come after Jackie. Instead of like in other words Jackie's being blindsided that she's mad in the first place and so I think she's defensive like Oh great. Now you're with fucking toy. That's all I need in my life. Yeah I mean I mean there could be that angle but either way I was still pretty. I still think it was like you know for Jackie talks about sisterhood. Read so much and lifting each other up that when someone says in a pretty calm way that that like her you know it was just Jackie kind of came back in a very intense and like not very compassionate way as as actually one of them said right so Jack is like well. I guess we're just associates then a month like no no no but I thought she was going to stand up for buffy but she didn't. She's like well. You have to understand Jackie's coming from and Jackie is like you know what I don't WanNa hear right now. I WANNA speak. Buffy I receive I apologize and now I'm done now. Let's have dinner. Skimpy just goes well. I would like to have to know right now but I also would like like to get my point at all and even Jackie contest is like Patting Jackie on the back and Jackson. Don't touch me right now contest like Whoa. Whoa oh and so I was like Oh Jackie Out of MAPA. Jackie and Jackie's like you know it there's a new girl that was about to surface just matter just just matter and Dorrell's gene says who is this and what she can do this. I'll tell so her she is. She's a new Jackie and the new. Jackie you just met is going to shame you for not working out this morning. That's right new Jackie. Pretty much the same all. Jackie New Jack Ackiel Jackie. This Jackie's counting your calories as you eat them happy about it So Jackie's like Um my apologize and I'm moving forward and buff is like and I accepted it. I don't like the way you're reacting right now. And she's like and let that be the last thing you say to me tonight. Yeah everyone was like Whoa and then and then you can get bad because he goes daddy say wrong thing. The President Go heavenly saying one thing that is that's that's close all the windows and the doors in the old western town. Yeah you're the bar. The barstools backup at one time. So heavenly She's like about is the most wonderful person ever and she never gets mad. She doesn't have so she's GonNa get mad. It's for Reason like I actually see that logic. I like to think that too like in real life. I don't get very very mad so at the moment that I'd do get mad I want and people are like appreciate why I'm truly mad. Not just you know. It's not a snippet but that being said like that's actually it's a viable defense but it doesn't take away from what buffy was feeling and then he just goes oh shut the fuck up having had enough of go back because then have heavily starts doing this thing of La Puerta decide. Do it at the table. Don't do it at the table as heavenly is is like the model of You know like indiscretion or description discretion so can. She's screaming at she screaming at Buffy. Now contestants like okay time to go to the bathroom because that's what we do someone screamed and then we take them to the bathroom. So Simone Psychopathy. We're going to USA and and take a deep breath. I'm buffy it's like. Oh buffy sign. She's fine she's fine she's fine well. buffy is crazy we'll also in the middle of this because things when things like basically heating open buffy and heavenly were fighting they were like habit this. Why don't we just get some food who it can get some food towards? Like Elliott's Inaba appetizers appetizers though and then simone gets up and billy like We have No Problem Oh And we need to wrap you to eat the food. So can you please sand the appetizer. REITO's over to L. Tableau. Thank you okay so then Toya is only thinking about the food like everyone screaming and fighter. She's like berets. Probably at the Hotel Beck still have five star deal they cut mariah testimonial going. Yes me damn right naps APP. Yeah so that. So heavenly is with cadets up pulls heavenly to the bathroom although not before we get a montage a clip package of people going to the bathroom and so heavily like calms down little and Buffy basically says that heavenly is Jackie's Papa and says everything Jackie wants wants to say in return heavenly gets to feel like she's in a more elevated station in life so that was pretty I mean she said that in the confessional. She didn't say that right. Thank you lost me. I was like fuck off by puppy. Fuck off the. That's what she lost me by Jackie's evil person and she's feeding all of this assist to a heavenly to be her bulldog and you know what united that sounds like Mariah so buffy. Don't be coming on the show citing with Mariah automatically radically and expecting me to be on your side. No Ma'am automatically out off your side now. I'm on your side until now but buying by boss. Yeah well. She didn't lose me but I don't totally agree with it but I still appreciated appreciated the anger so so then the food arrived and it all looks amazing. They're passing ask the food around and they're like like Eugene has acid rain is like ooh we've got some surveys here in quasi believe you bet they're gone on this trip to do and then Toya squeezes a lime on an oyster and she's like the guy that cable lives and it seems like it did not come alive a contract Jessica moved. If something's living it moved well you said let's kill us. You know you gotTa do you gotTa kill to lead a life. Make sure it's dad's he leave it out like six hours then you eat it. That's how that's the best way to having noise is. The Jackie is still really mad. Curtis's like don't you WANNA each. I would like to go home. He's like what we can't get an uber here. So you're gonNA have to figure something out. Yeah and then finally by the entire time when I was watching it I was like why does puppies husband not like jump in as he is the one who is an actual will a psychologist or psychiatrist and so finally simone is like now Dave I am going to defer to you because you are actually a psychiatrist. Can you offer any positive advised towards conflict resolution. And he's he's pretty much just like well. You know the best way to resolve conflict. Is that before you get into it. You have to think house. The other person can feel when I make the statement statement. Because if you can't understand the other person's perspective you'll never get to resolution and that's the key key key thing of conflict resolution and of course if you're already in a conflict just screen a lot and eat food and go home and go sleep and on that note we are GonNa Close. It's like Okay Fund dinner guys. Guess that's how you resolve. The conflict ended right before he can help the next morning. They're all getting ready and talking. About how Jackie not. Everyone so shocked that Jackie was so defensive. Right and It gene I think puts it. Well he's like I know what she's doing for women but like you're not acknowledging what you did to this woman. Oh Man yes I think is fair. Zambian with Strong Jackie Curtis are talking about it and she's like well. I will take ownership that. I was making my pain her purpose purpose. which is also very you know? It's like okay. Well very mature. Some and Jackie's well the girls who hang out with me note that I don't typically say anything to embarrass to embarrass them integrate them etc.. That's fine if you don't typically do that you may not have. You may not have been intending to. I don't believe she's trying to embarrass her but but the point she was embarrassed so when she said embarrassed when she does say that she's embarrassed just like like like. I'm sorry I embarrassed by though I didn't mean to like it's so easy. It's such an easily resolved moment and the fact that it became a thing. It's just surprising that it's Jackie kind of but buffy brought it up on TV V. It's like most other Jackie..

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