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For what purpose? Does the gentleman from West Virginia rides? I object Objection is heard. West Virginia Republican Alex Mooney objected to a unanimous consent request from Democrats shelving the issue. Today it will be brought back for vote by the full House tomorrow, a majority of the Cabinet would have to sign onto invoking the 25th amendment making Pence. Acting president Washington, DC Mayor Meriel Bowser is urging Americans to take part in next week's presidential inauguration. Virtually this is necessary because the inauguration post is several unprecedented challenges that exceed the scope of our traditional planning processes. Hauser said she's asked the Interior Department to cancel all public gathering permits in D. C from now. Through January, 24th inaugural security is expected to be unprecedented, featuring multiple layers of military and law enforcement entities. The Army is investigating a psychological operations officer at Fort Bragg, who led more than 100 people from North Carolina to the rally in Washington that led up to the rights of the capital, 30 year old captain Emily Rainey said she acted within military regulations and that no one in her group broke the law. She says she was a private citizen and operating within her rights. That people are members of more county Citizens for Freedom, which describes itself online as a nonpartisan network promoting conservative values. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined preschoolers at Dawson Elementary School in Chicago. Public schools reopen for special education and pre K students despite members of the teachers unions, saying that the schools are unsafe. Mayor says today is pivotal for local communities Moving forward today marks a huge step forward in making sure that we are addressing those long standing issues and a top of the list is educational equity. And achievement issues. Roughly 6000 students are expected to return to public schools today. Some other suburban school systems are likewise returning together full time or hybrid classroom instruction, including schools in Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Elmhurst District, 205 and Elgin District. You 46. Meanwhile, some teachers in Cicero District 99 say they will not return to the classroom today. It will be teaching remotely since Rose covert positivity right stood at 13% on Thursday, and that's 5% points higher than the state's recommendation for a return to schools. WGN SPORTS Here's Dave innit. Top ranked Alabama number three Ohio State meet in Miami in the college football playoff championship game. The Crimson Tide favored tonight by more than a touchdown. They're both on beaten, but Alabama played 12 games. The Buckeyes seven The Bulls are off the host. Boston tomorrow to Paul host Yukon Tonight. College basketball Loyal a place at Indiana State again. The Blackhawks get ready for Wednesday's opener, A Tampa band tonight the debut of Black Hawks live with Chris Boden and Nick His money joined by Dylan Stroman. Troy Murray, seven o'clock on WGN, Dave innit, WGN.

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