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Was before anything was on television. And that would have been 1950s. Kentucky has had some teams in the late 70s that were really elite. They've had one great year with J claiborne, what 84? But I mean, I just don't remember and, you know, I'll be in full disclosure. This is not a great weekend in college football. But it's still a one versus 11 matchup. Yeah. That's worth paying attention. And honestly, I think Kentucky because her when they're talking about because you schedule a home come a weekend, whatever. I think they're 11 because they're Kentucky. Yeah. I think if they weren't Kentucky, they would be 7 or 8. But they hire. But because they're Kentucky, and there's always that. It's not fair. I mean, think about it. They beaten LA shoe in Florida. That should get you like fourth in the country. And in a normal year, and you're 6 O and a year where everyone in the top ten is losing games. Everyone in the top 20 files losing games. But there's still that. This should be one versus 5. Yeah, I'm all for that. So to answer your question, when was the last time they played in the biggest game of the weekend? The answer is never. Yeah. Certainly not in the television era. I'm going to call coach Bryant's son and ask him if he remembers. What happened in the 30s? Yeah. Because there was the beat Oklahoma, it was a historian. Imagine though for a second, so Bear Bryant is coaching at Kentucky. If you want more, go to the library. He defeats Oklahoma. Can we just keep talking about this during the break? Do we decimal system?.

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