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Second round underway in the N B. A playoffs. Game one between the Celtics and the Raptors, and this one has been all Boston about 3.5 minutes to play in the fourth quarter. Celtics leading 107 to 80 for Jason Tatum, Marcus Smart each have 21 points to lead six Celtics in double figures. Been a struggle from three point range for the Raptor. Just nine of 39 23% as the Celtics are on their way to a game, one victory and a bit Luca Don Cheech and the Mavericks looking to stay a lot of Game six of their first round series, with the Clippers, leading it three games to two in the nightcap tonight, another game six Jazz leading the Nuggets three games to two. They're a trio of Game fours in the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight stars in Avalanche, with Dallas leading to one Islanders and Flyers, New York, leading it to one and the Golden Knights and the Canucks Vegas leading that Siri's two games to one In the NFL. The Vikings, adding to their already stout defense reports say they've acquired past Russia Janek and got away from the Jaguars for a couple of picks. Minnesota, sending back a second rounder in 2021. Plus a conditional pick in 2022 from college football reports say. L s U star receiver Jamaar Chase is expected to opt out of the 2020 season and enter the 2021. NFL draft on the baseball scoreboard interleague play first of a double header in New York Mets lead the Yankees, seven to in the sixth inning rate is all over the Marlins. 12 to 3 in the sixth. The Red Sox and 85 lead over the nationals in the fifth Cardinals out to a 5 to 4 thinning lead over the Indians and the Dodgers leave the Rangers for nothing. In the third in the American League Tigers on top of the Twins. 32 in the seventh White Sox lead the Royals to nothing in the fourth or Eagles. One. Blue Jay is nothing in the second and in the National League Cubsfive Red's one in the seventh. Brewers and Pirates tied at one in the fourth. Padres a three nothing first inning lead over the Rockies, AIDS and Astros today postponed due to a positive cove in 19 tests. In Oakland's traveling party. Nine Kevin Dexter, get all the latest on MLB trade rumors and deals before the four PM deadline tomorrow on CBS Sports Radio..

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