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Up Muslims we are Oh Tolerant, yes it even after nine, eleven there wasn't any outbreak of violence against, Muslims but but if you really want to carry it a step, further can you imagine if this group in New Mexico were white? Supremacist, exactly. Right if they were just they were just NRA members or. Anybody like did we eighty five thousand live? Shots Spike Lee would be done, air filming a, movie look at these, people so so why you know. So so you owes at this double standard. Exists so you saw the coverage of the Bundy ranch and you remember there were. Helicopters it was where it was. Huge However The key after the after the police finally stepped in in Portland and sent everybody. Home we find out that antifa had had taken and really kidnapped federal. Agents they had kept them against their will block to them in their own building the ice building and wouldn't release them calls for the. Police the police say the mayor, said we can't help you federal agents had to come. In we're with satellite trucks where were the helicopters on that? Bill, well it's even worse than. That you had, individuals one of whom owned a food? Truck. Yes Galling the local Portland police I worked in Portland I don't know whether you. Know that or not I anchored the news on k. a. t. you beautiful town and when I was there in the eighties it was liberal but it wasn't, insane liberal now it's insane liberal so. There were individuals, who felt that they. Were endanger American citizens and they call the police and the police simply were ordered by. The mayor who is also the police Commissioner how insane is that all. Right they will ordered not to help neon involving non involved citizens that felt threatened right people who would just around that compound selling hot. Dogs so what you have is, a violation of the mayor's because he swore to uphold. The constitution and part of the constitution is law enforcement protects? People, in danger and that's why. We have law, enforcement that's why they're they got those? Power That's why they carry a gun that's why they're allowed to arrest you so you're right I mean I I didn't see CNN down there, I think they mentioned it but not. You know you, see the Bundy ranch Bundy ranch but. On Bill O'Reilly. Dot com, my, solution to the problem as always. Very clear and very vivid, I said, that they, should send Paul Manafort too Okay so, mad afford just maybe on a weekend furlough from his solitary confinement could just go to the rose city everybody would be there and, when it comes to win let me go back to the house story when it comes to the story you have Linda Sarsour just at the last is no it's. Nikolov conference praising as a mentor as a guy who plays a big role in her life is is calling her and encouraging her and. Teaching her about Islam this guy that she says is that is the father of this guy who was holding these children and teaching them how to, to kill, does this play any role in. The media not covering that Linda Sarsour who's the founder and the. One of the lead organizers of the women's movement I don't think so I I don't even think the media smart enough to put that together but remember, Linda Sarsour is Louis Farrakhan's big I know so Bill how can you say they're not smart enough to put that together I'm a disc jockey together I'm an old. Disc jockey man I'm smart enough to put that together okay but in order to put that together you have to have a frame of. Reference all right explain that to Stu are? You've got actually know what happened in the past and who the players were you telling me Don lemon He's going to put that together, back is. That what, you're telling me here no I think that Don lemon and others?.

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