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And I think also the rules are put in place for the Muller investigation. It was clear that there was a counterintelligence investigation that was part of the broader criminal investigation that that Bob Muller was taking over you know, the fact that apparently according to the times that the president's was one of the individuals who was being it was the focus of that investigation. Doesn't strike me. As all that remarkable. It was a counterintelligence investigation looking at whether the Russians had coopted Americans in the course of the Trump campaign. And you would think that the guy ahead of that campaign would be part of the investigation. So in your time articles over hyped is that what you're saying David Cohen. I'm saying that I think we knew some of this already, and I I do find it striking actually that it took a year and a half for this story to to seep out if it's an odd leak that comes so long after there was so many people who had incentives to explain what was going theory on that. Which is I think the White House is anticipating the Muller report coming out in the next month or two, and they know that Bob Muller was conducting part of this is overall investigation counter tones physician, and they they want this out brilliant. It's brilliant Rudy Giuliani strategy. Yeah. Get ahead of it. This deal. Let me move on from these questions about Trump in the FBI. Do you know, you have a nickname? I believe you known as the sanctions grew. Yeah. Do you accept that? Title. I accept on behalf of a large number of people. Very diplomatic. You're the you're the guy how long did you do were involving American sanctions on other countries for about six years when I was at the department? So can we take a step back? Sometimes they're all these news reports about sanctions, and whether it's related to Iran or Russia or South Africa years ago for the United States government to impose sanctions on another country sovereign nation. What has to happen? In other words, can a president wake up one morning and say, you know, what I'm kind of pissed off Bolivia. Yeah. We should do something about that. The president does not have the unilateral ability to do that. Or does he well he sort of does actually congress passed a law in the mid seventies called the international emergency economic Powers Act known as a in the business that gives you thirty to the president to impose sanctions upon a finding that there is an unusual extraordinary threat to the foreign policy national security, our economy nited states, and if the president declares a national emergency with respect to that threat wherever I heard of that before exactly, but who who has to make the finding so the finding is made by the president's in an executive order that is the foundation for a sanctions program, but separate apart from the president doing that congress also has the ability to pass a law. Correct. Imposing sanctions on any particular country. Right. So in congress has done more of that in the last, you know, five ten years or so so specific legislation calling for specific sanctions to be applied against against countries by the Iran. Russia North Korea. But there's a back and forth. And there can be a check or balancer. Congress can pass a law. The president can veto at than you have to work out supermajority philosophy of sanctions..

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