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Before I tell you that, John can just say that Nelson Chamisa the leader of the, opposition has arrived here at Kuwadzana to polling station in Harari and you can hear. The, crowd surging around now young people, old people trying to press the flesh as. He moves in to cast his vote now the key factor to remember here we're seeing a pretty adoring crowds in, Harare you'd expect that because it's an MDC stronghold of the the five million voters double that number are in rural areas and that's where the MDC has a real struggle in terms of getting their own vote out. For also countering the kind of quiet intimidation that takes place in small, villages and towns and that Tim nation is August Rated by Zanu PF Well what what is traditionally happened is that you would have traditional leaders chiefs who depend on new PF the ruling party for patronage and they are told are historically have been told to not only, get the vote out but to warn those who don't vote are who they suspect of supporting the opposition, that whatever they do it will be known the great fear that was fostered in this country over many decades was that the ruling party, knew everything you did and it certainly knew who voted for now if the MDC can counter that in rural areas than there, in with a shout and if they make it if, they get into power can they bring about real change in a reasonably short period of time I mean there is certainly the international. Appetite for investment in Zimbabwe and that's absolutely critical. If, this country is to overcome the chronic on employment situation if there to bring in investment from countries other than China which supported the Mugabe regime if they're going to go to Europe if they're going to go to, America particularly and bring in foreign companies then this is very important this moment that it is seemed to, be a stable election under its aftermath is stable and the MDC for all the kind of extravagant promises that you refer to in that, discussion about bullet trains even bringing the Olympics that Bob way in the last few weeks has become much more sober and its, leader Nelson Chamisa the man I've just walked watched walking, into the polling station he has grown in stature and become more credible Fergal thank you very much. Indeed it is nineteen nearly twenty minutes past eight is there an underrecognized memorial in your town city or village perhaps commemorating under celebrated person calls or event will. This is, the moment to change that as historic England which champions and encourages us to. Cherish the historic places around the country has been asking the, public to share their knowledge of favorite local monuments and memorials, Celia Richardson is director of, public engagement at historic in Lincoln morning, what are you trying to do here are you trying to uncover hidden, gems have a close look. At what and why we memorialize things both those things we are doing a year a year long look at England's memorials you've got a fascinating collection they tell very interesting stories and they lend character, and identity to local places we found out that they are very popular we've had more than four hundred nominations already for things that. People would like to see covered all sorts of. Stories from a monument to the fifth Beatles do Sutcliffe in in in Liverpool. Which tells now a. Popular. Lunch spots to a memorial to teetotallers in. Preston that we've had listed today by the secretary of state, for culture media and sports and more happens to. These places which are nominated to they go into your, exhibition they go into a book do they get listed what what happens fifty of the four hundred so far going into our exhibition for exploration in our. Exhibitions going to be looking at everything from the very big grand. Memorials in our cities to the local? Stuff but yes also we are listing, eight today we're expecting more listing time goes on of the. Ones that are more unusual or meet the quite high threshold. For listing obviously there's. Things like the warmer morals. There's generals there's a nursing figures what have you what are some of the. Most unusual things you mentioned the Preston temperance. What I noticed one called the crossbones graveyard rats extrordinary so crossbones graveyards very moving place it is thought to have actually been the original resting place for. The Medieval sex workers who were licensed to, practice in Brussels by the church in Suffolk and what's happened is after after that in fifteen thousand Portas burials were held there it's no longer, you, people can't be buried there anymore but it's really been taken over. By the community it's been. Taken to people's hearts it's. Become a shrine to? The? Outcast dead? And absolutely covered in in ribbons and memorials and mementos of people who died from from, the seventeenth century and work houses right up to the present day and what's really interesting is that every. Year now, on, the east of Mary Magdalene. The Dina's Suffolk visits and makes an active regret and remembrance for the way that the church treated women do you think. There's, been a change or have you. Noticed a, change in the kind. Of things that? We memorialize on we I remember for example? The big who are, about Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford University and whether that was, appropriate to have anymore all we. Changing and should we airbrush history like this well historic England favors reinterpret Tation over any sort of removal but what's been, happening is, yes you, have had campaigners who've really responded strongly to certain memorials for Goodell for we've also got lots of campaigners who leave flowers. Alan cheering memorial and from the LGBT? LGBT, community on his birthday And things like crossbones as we just discussed and but we. Do have a ways as new memorials honest we've got some really wonderful new ones often to to. Women working people there's a brilliant one in Carlisle which is of women who packed cars table, water biscuits in the cars factory Cima realize the female workforce there. And as a beautiful statue in jarrow of. The, jarrow crusade. Is. It's in a supermarket car park so, we are seeing a wave of new memorials at the, moment villages or towns ever say we've had enough of this memorial, date like this causes person anymore we're going to change it for something else no very rarely okay, and what can, people do if they, if they've. Got a gem that they think needs celebrating. What should they do visit as, historic England dot org dot UK or they should tweet us or any of. Our social media channels were still in the look. At or I'd say Richardson director public engagement historic England thank you Twenty four minutes. Past, eight in. Here. Is coffee again with the sport thank, you I'm not sure good morning Gary Thomas was still, celebrating at four am this morning according to his teammates as you, would if you had just become the first Welshman to win the torture France but Thomas is looking, forward to returning, to the UK I'll,.

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