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And local at one o'clock, I'm Liz Warner the lawyer for a controversial Mexican preacher is lashing out after his client was charged with child. Rape attorney, Ken Rosenfield says his client is innocent. I am here because false charges filed against Mr. Joaquin. This is not who this man is this is not this man's character. This is a high tech hit job. Assan Joaquin Garcia is charged with child rape human trafficking and child porn. He was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday state. Attorney general hobby are Sarah asked for fifty million dollars bond. He fears that the light of the world leader will be able to flee after raising money from his large number of followers. He also fears there are more victims, Kevin trip. KABC news despite the fact that more illegal immigrants have been apprehended by US border patrol over the last month that in the last thirteen years. One expert says that doesn't mean the situation is improving Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the center for immigration. Study says that's because current policy is to release those apprehended into the country to away to court hearing, and most of them don't bother showing up for those. They know they don't have to probably going to happen to them. And that's what's really driving. This crisis is that they know that they will be allowed to stay. Jessica Vaughan was a guest on the morning drive. I'm Jeff whittle KABC news. Nasa announced today. That they're opening the international space station to quote, private-sector endeavors while it's not quite space. Tourism this opens the possibility to private citizens, visiting NASA allowing private astronauts, to visit the international space station and conduct commercial profit making activity on board, the ISS, Robin gates, his deputy director of the international space station approve that must have a connection to the NASA mission will stimulate the lower orbit economy or need the unique environment of microgravity, NASA chief, financial officer, Jeff DeWitt said the hope is this will one day lead to numerous low earth, orbit stace. And growing space economy, the commercialization of low-earth, orbit will enable NASA to focus resources to land the first woman and next man on the moon by twenty twenty four Steve Kastenbaum. New York, California. Fire officials say the cause of the state's largest ever wildfire was started by a hammer and a metal state. It was an accident. A property owner was hammering metal stake into the ground plug and underground business educators say hot fragments landed in what they call receptive. You'll bid meaning extremely dry grass quickly grew out of control a property owner could not control it at wild up scorching more than four hundred ten thousand acres across four counties and named the Mendocino complex fire. This gator say no laws were violated so charges against the property owner responding to controversy. From veterans groups over plans to change the name of the LA Memorial Coliseum under a lucrative naming rights agreement with United Airlines USC today announced a revised packed of the airline that will maintain the venues, Monica under the revised tenure deal the field at the stadium. Will be referred to as United Airlines field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum talk radio seven hundred.

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