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Am 640 james mahaffy has a bachelor of science and physics a master of science and a phd in nuclear engineering he is a senior research scientist at the georgia tech research institute has worked on projects for the defense nuclear agency the georgia power company the national ground intelligence center he's got the background and here we are on coast to coast talking about his work atomic adventurers james welcome to the program i adored i'm glad to be here i'm looking forward to this i think you're going to educate a lot of us about the atomic world much more than we probably have any idea what's going on and how would exist but how did you get involved in this particular field james our george attack got a degree and civic life in seventy three and a very very with a bad ear for high of no the apollo space program it to shut down and there were rumors of the the delivering pizzas and so on who i think they do go to grab who oh i was very interested in computers computer effective were different from what they are now and those who knew jerry i had a dual degree he hit a masters and new cringes nearing and then a separate the degree and computer engineer dario trump to go out and graduated with a master uh and uh it new printed airing but there were no job new grant an area so really i would have thought it would you'd you'd flood the market well uh in the nineteen 70s knows when nuclear power dried up oh they stop building power plants are already had enough of them and uh it would dead the thing from them i really so i want you to do is go back and get another degree time i was working at engineering burma station georgia terek which eventually came greet here are the tech researcher i do at i worked on secret project for the parliament have found a very interesting work and uh ipod i graduated with.

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