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Brady i think he is great he's he's heath these the best i thought you were super just when i think you're going to be cause i would i would i would i would i would i would i'd love to hate great override seem i'd have never that they have that by the way that creepy brady matt showed up to yeah they actually engaged one another for of it is not only is a creepy mask if you know he's got there is damn thing i've ever so he's a good looking dude and he's got the big given the middle of his chin that you know women love but still the best you think would look i'm thinking about yeah one of those added body there forget about the why pose such an another things i might need maybe a little bit hair trainers play answer whenever i'm just going to get somebody to take i'm camera to chisel another but a big gash right of the middle very excited shot opted your not at media day meanwhile tom brady one on to talk about devonta freeman he was asked how he felt about the falcons running back in here's tom brady talking about what a great player he thinks the but they free minutes i was part of the reason why he picked them not there for even early in the season because he's that that that you know you got tell me pick my team so you know i was line and i'm up been and i've always been a fan is an you have watch actually a lot of atlanta's off fans of last year's just watching different concepts then you know how they move the ball and you know he someone that just stanza right out is that that it so i bet you brady's kid who's talking about his son who's doing fantasy football now weapon and that's the says i told the draft about they freeman early on of the season i bet you brady's kid sheets like crazy it fan way too soon did you know they were you get together out and caromed down the is is the daily fantasy league the other legal weren't wherever they are they were is residing at that moment because gonna matters he's talking about him early in the season not before the even eligible during yeah no so he won money playing daily fantasy against is bodies the league.

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