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The movie is one of the more deliberate examples of that. Are there examples of period? Unwell is out. The the first question was now like race like an entire race of people or beings. You know what I mean. It's the idea of DND. Has this problem with the with ORCS, right like ORCS are just like a purely evil race. it's boring, and then you can like really easily. People overlaying or laying a weird racial identity onto that and it becomes super problematic Have you ever listened to low from the Magic Tavern? Yeah and you know a little bit I haven't I. Don't know specifically that is, but I'm sure it's. It's really good. It's an Improv pod, but the the wizard they're like hates works, and they're just concentrate out that being like really judgmental and pretty racist. So that I always think of that, I yeah rich, and can the twitch slack just pointed out like it goes back to token, and like yeah, of course right like the idea of just like this is a. Token Fantasy Guy the token fantasy guy. Yeah, token like ranks. He's sitting. Yeah, he's just like the token fancy guy everybody. Yeah I think the birds, a the Bruder like so inhuman, that kind of find with that right like they are i. don't know like I can make room for the Zeno more of an alien being purely evil right but like a filtration with like art in history and politics and family like the scrolls clearly have but. Like they are one of the most evil races is just like I don't. There's no good analogy in real life for this every analogy you could pull for what this is is. is nasty in real life and I think that's. Also just kind of boring, even if you're not pulling that analogy, so yeah, it's It's definitely a tricky one that I don't think I mean. It's like the Yes it's a trope of like big bad evil alien race that they become the bad guys right by default and it's fine to have these different aliens verse us at odds, kind of ideas I think, but reads point is so sweeping in his generalizations, right of of the entire species, the entire culture, being evil, and essentially like like basically saying like gladys had to eat them, and it's fine. The genocide was fine. Let's say they didn't. They deserved collecting genocide, but like they were never know. Back of yeah, so so read the room read I. Think goes where we not on that one. Yeah, second question this the issue of Lgbtq, I, A. Plus characters in the marvel comics, has recently been brought up with Arlene his quote, unquote roommate in Jammed Mattis Deem Matias Captain America beyond the question of whether writing. She's going to rejoice this acronym a lot. LGBTQ I A. Plus characters for the sake of representation, which of course is necessary, and still not done enough in most twenty twenty comics. Delta interesting in my pain to consider the. The issue of missed opportunities. This is a good question especially when it comes to the lack of gay relationships, if you limit yourself only to rating hetero relationships, you immediately eliminate the potential for hundreds, hundred stories and character developments, which is especially disappointing in the context of characters have been written off in a lot of cases more than half a century I'm not saying make everyone by Pan Sexual, but there's a middle ground be found though it in which a potentially interesting relationship won't be written off because marvel wants to keep its characters straight. That's boiling specifics. There have been some efforts made on the front in recent years still enough not enough in my opinion, often subtext at best specifically like trance characters like all trends, marbles, Trans characters are sub textual right like it's like Oh here if you look quietly in the background of the Squirrel girl comic, you can see that this guy has a binder..

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