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It's not your fault. All right, it's this guys. That's the toxicity I'm talking about folks. I'm old west. What's a toxic male? I'm a west. I'm watching the 9 o'clock start oil or Seattle cracking. I don't give a fuck about those meat beliefs, oldies. The epicenter of the hockey universe turn around. Suck it. You got no team next year. You got no team this year. You got a team that's probably gonna make the playoffs and losing the first round. Now great for Morgan Riley's an awesome defense and I'm happy with some guys. I'm looking as a journalist already tells me I'm a journalist. I'm looking as a journalist. It's like, what are you, what are you doing? What are you doing? You have like 7 players making all the dough on your team. I don't get it. Now, when they win the cup and I'm wearing a pink fucking suit, you can drive to my house and take a shit all over my driveway biz and then just punch me in the face. I got a blood dripping down my pink. Tuxedo. But I don't think it's gonna happen. And I don't think you're gonna have shit to say when they lose again in the first round. We can move on. Great accountability in that locker room. I'm proud of the boys two and awaits two. Wayne train, bringing that leadership the leader. Who do they got next? I think they got Vegas pretty soon, don't they? The next morning. Maple Leafs game is against the golden knights biz. You're on fire tonight, buddy. Wow. Fucking Raymond. Memorizing schedules over here. Because that's why before I spoke on it, I want to see two and old, they needed this little bit of confidence. They got a very tough stretch of games coming up here. We know there's no easy games in the league, but specifically. And the fact that the golden lights haven't been playing the greatest what are they 500 now? Auto injuries, you get worried about teams that have who are expected to do a lot and all of a sudden it's like, okay, now they caught their stride. Vegas as well. My God, they got murderers row here. They got Vegas Tuesday, Tampa Thursday, the bruins Saturday, the kings Monday, Philly Wednesday, Calgary Friday. Heads up Toronto. I think they're gonna win four of those 5 games. I listed 6. If they can go four and two, that's nice. And they actually calories it back to back the next night with buffalo, who, you know, their odds are the same as for the coppers. I've mentioned. So, yeah, they got 7 games in one two three four 5 6 7 8 9 ten 1214 nights, right? So good test right. They're basically gonna go 5 and two all of that. You're loving life. Yeah. Yeah, biz. We've heard enough about the leaf so far. Super fanboy over here. But we appreciate your input anyways. The range is another team that you are hot on for 5 two and one with while actually I'm sorry 6 two and one after Sunday's win. But the big news with the ranges, they extended 23 old stud defensemen Adam Fox 7 year extension worth $66 million comes out to 9.5 AAV was gonna be RFA this year. I mean, this kid has been a study one that last year, we've been raving about him since. This is just in line with what these guys are getting. I mean, these guys are getting sick, do you wish you played now instead of back then or what? Oh, yeah. Have you seen how fast the game is? Jesus dude. I mean, if Crosby was coming around now, sure, I had to follow his footsteps everywhere to make any sort of dull, but Adam Fox. I haven't seen one thing online, which whatever, it's online, but range fans. They love this deal. They love it. I mean, if Seth Jones is getting this doll and he's older and he's UFA, fuck, why wouldn't Adam Fox get it? And if he waited till the end of the year, he could have had 10 million a year. And if you got to offer sheeted, it could have got 11 million a year. It's the largest contract ever given to a defenseman coming out of his entry level contract and the way this guy's played last year was one thing, but this year to continue. I mean, some of the passes he makes, I can not verbally blow his dick harder than I usually do. And in the end, this contract makes total sense because he's a young game breaker. He's pretty much now you can say with confidence like he's a point per game player. Yeah. I think last year on an 82 game pace, he's getting 75 points. And this year he's 9 points in 9 games leading that team. Not only defensively, but offensive. He's a breakout machine. I've said this all a million times, but it's right in line with Warren ski. It's right in line with kale mccart and it's right in line with who's the third unrestricted guy. The third big contract I'm thinking of. Mcavoy, mcavoy, excuse me, restricted. So I love the player. Actually biz, so you got werenski mcavoy, Fox and makar, all locked up at 9 and a half roughly. Who are you taking? If we're talking same amount of years, not based on their contracts, like let's say they were all 8 years. Say they were all 8 years 9 and a half. Wow is a little bit older. So mcevoy makar and fox are I'll say this. I was swayed by the online opinion early on.

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