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I'm your host. Is always tony nephew. And i thank you for joining me on this lovely and kind of humid friday night and pittsburgh and hopefully it's. It's a nice and pleasant and not as muggy wherever you are in world. Before i start just like to remind you as always. Police like subscribe to our behind a curtain youtube channel. Bring you live shows just about every day. I think we do bring you live shows every day. There's of this show. There's preview that comes to you on thursday nights. There's no your enemy. That's jeffrey benedict. Michael beck on wednesday nights. There's the scarborough show with dave scofield and his brother rich on tuesdays to hang over with with me brian. Anthony davis shannon white on mondays touchstone under with mattie pepperoni all mark davidson on saturday nights. We have we have postgame stuff. Following each steeler game. Now we're into the season on sundays. Or whenever they play their games the steelers so please check that out. Those shows out live every week on again on youtube and on facebook. We're on facebook right now to. I'm on i'm on facebook. Live right now. So if you're if you're watching me on facebook hello you can check us out. There are platform our podcast and platform. And you can check out all of our live shows after the fact on any audio platform of your choosing doesn't really matter what which one you use. You know all the the places you can. You can.

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