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And me and my twin brother giving idea he's about six four to eighty and i'm the smaller of the two i'm six two in about two thirty we decided it was a bright idea to get it out these three inch thick mattresses and see what would happen if we would run full force at each other as hard as we possibly could and he would win kinda use these these cushions as a long story short i don't remember too much about it except for the missouri baptist hospital with that this located shoulder and concussion you know what i've told this story about mr price obama price ninth grader science he'd walk into that classroom every morning grab it pink chalk and he would stare at us over his glasses with flat top and he would slam paint chalk against board and he draw a little square and he would write stupid is forever and eat slim at pink chocolate on the board would make a period and any draw a little box and turnaround he glared us and eat right you can't fix stupid why am he'd make that period he turn around and look at us and just glare wouldn't say a word can't fix stupid you know whether invade is forever or the fixed jared is down there to baptist hospital there you go no listen i had a brother and that's i still have a brother and but once he got bigger than me we quit doing the we quit we quit doing the train collision jared brother affiliate i've told the story several times where i mean we had bottle rocket wars yeah we would go down to the magic mart and by the blow the inflatable rafts with the plastic hours and we would soul the ours in half with a hacksaw and use them as a bazooka and light bottle rockets inside the bazooka and fire them at each other.

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