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Of the things. I took away. Was you have to appreciate every moment warning. Um and i value so much about you so much of the relationships. I have my teammates and knowing that as a quarterback as a leader I it's not about you. You know it's about the people around you about you. Know lifting the play to the highest applies And and bringing bringing the best out of them. So i just i challenge myself every day about Do my job Another things. I need to know And how the minds. You know and lee jalen hurts. Jalen hurts philadelphia. Eagles quarterback joining us this morning. On key shot. Jay will and max jailing let me ask. Oh sorry did you have more. You have more than go. Go right in jalen you were taken in the second round when carson wentz was under contract and they could've you know used that pick to move up and get a trade for receiver get a receiver from west. They use it on you. You then come in. The offense comes alive when you get in the eagles offense you could see. The team responded to your presence in this draft. They did not draft a quarterback they went and got you're receiver and then you take all the reps with the ones they make a trade for gardner minhsiu and everyone's like oh they don't believe it hurts but to me if you can get a backup like that so cheap of course you do. It seems to me the eagles believe in you. Is that how you feel. What does that mean to you I definitely that would give given us opportunity my. I don't take it lightly You know it's funny You know. I've i've been in a lot of new situations i mean. I've had to always talked about building. Relationships. my teammates those things and You know. I one of the one of my biggest honors. I guess one of the biggest things for me Yesterday i voted a team captain as a testament to you know we're trying to be trying to handle my business the angle about everything in the right way so Putting it all together on my. I do feel that way the legacy with coach and you definitely want to want wanna do some great things. This is now your fourth head coach in your football career. You obviously started with nick. Sabin and lincoln riley. Doug peterson now. Nick surani what's it like working with. Nick opposed to those of the three coaches that i mentioned. I think co saving. I look i look into the himalayas. I'm looking to the similarities. And i think especially with coach. Sabin coach t riady now And they bring in these core values that trying to drive a team Poor principles that You know representing team or what they wanna stab for. You know at alabama. You had commitment being disciplined sean effort Being tough and plan with pride in here you know. We have connect Accountability competing in plan y. Football i iq and doing things the right way so All of those values are our roots To the football team. And i think now goes a very long way. John guy struggled a little bit in preseason meal. What adjustments do you guys need to make so it translates into the regular season where you guys can improve going out and being consistent in what we're doing Going out there and banking system. What are we doing you know we are. We are We were going. Dan place but i think that's the biggest thing right there. We're obviously play atlanta this first week. So we pritchard. They're going to get the game plan going to get everything. Go execute jalen so let me let me ask you this question and give me the real now. Don't don't don't tease me is boomer sooner or the roll tide..

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