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This is why cops when you get pulled over i don't know what this would be like but if you get pulled over and they ask you to touch your nose and look up or close your eyes that's why it's so hard is your pro see us pro preexceptional sorry is off it's an e brie aided and that's basically your ability to move your body without looking at or consciously moving your body so lebron james's longwinded but abroad james is trying to strengthen his ability to move without thinking and i don't know if this scientific they told me they're working on the science but l abroad loves it and his trainer loves it so they're doing before games and it looks really weird and so i wrote about it um when did you get tipped off to this did you just seed in the preseason because this is the road new thing for him yeah i got tipped off by looking at dave mcmanaman's instagram okay here's why is standing on a him right pillow exactly i was like what is this this seems so alien and it's one thing for like a random dude in the nba to do it's another when it's lebron james and so lebron's doing it i'm guessing there's some sound reason behind it in silence science behind it because that guy's a cyborg and whatever he does that maintain his ability to play basketball at hall of fame level at age thirty three after seven finals trips and basically no major injury to date for his grew knock on wood it's gotta be interesting so i followed up and it turns out this stuff a lot of nba players he's including your boy rudy gobert who okay yeah so i'm trying to figure out like.

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