Michael Jackson, Fossett, Farah Fawcett discussed on Tim Conway Jr


This is the trump version kfi am six forty it's conway show nine years ago today that's michael jackson died crazy is it true that fair fossett died the same day let me check here i was told that yeah is it true in two thousand nine would you have said i would have also said yes that's crazy she's been dead for nine years and i thought she was alive that's nuts that's how much it was overshadowed by michael jackson and i don't even remember if she if her death was reported i i don't think i don't know i got it was a big gap of time i had forgotten about this but ed mcmahon had died just days before that june twenty yeah i am believable those three farah fawcett michael jackson ed mcmahon you know the the saying is going three that might be one of the the like the biggest powerhouse threes gotta be anybody michael jackson that is amazing the nelly maes died like three days after that to that's what i remember billy me yes billy mays while june twenty eighth.

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