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The baby talk. Show it afterwards. He's including the little talk shocking. Your hand this adjusted set today. And i'm coming at you getting ready to put it on out. There in pieces. Baby was cracking. Where my baby's charred tashaun. What do y'all out there doing man. Y'all out this shining on 'cause they hate it baby and living your best doing what it is that you do that you do that to do. Oh my god. I'm out of your soul thorough and so wise. And why is it that. I'll tell you that i knew each other baby first of all because ga may do that way shelter do you go. Oh my gosh. She is rewarded those that yes he is. And what's the second reason while i hell. You'll that unloaded outdo pencil fell and so baby completing your renova is right out there listening right and this is just it's j. Put out there for you and there is a third thing that i have to tell you my gosh already know what it is. That is that. I gotta give a shout semi haters l. What do i say that these haters joe como sale would be all three ready one two three. I johnnie this work. ooh yes. Y'all need this worked. Oh coming over to the justice jake's careers. Maybe you like this hold on waymo. Who is lady jaye where she unit shot say. Hey let me see okay. Hate his acknowledgement backwards. People don't really hate you. They just don't know how to acknowledge you baby. That's it so when so you're shining bright like it's one yes you know gossiping you out pieces for everybody because you don't what it is that he tells you to do and this little light on inside you know this like did little man Ha these little adam. I'm gonna let these little lad mine. Oh shun lettuce concern. That is dan light so bright. Like the like the brain shown on my gosh daylight showed you listening knows but anyway just mike. You got disliked this on the inside. He is scientists so brain right. When it shines bright auden naysayers day haters the disbelievers. All people believing you end up instead of like the nose evil people. You know what..

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