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Great we love all by the one and only we got apple look how they wanted to relax about Franklin Roosevelt third term without a cold or the beginning of the call yeah exactly of course they they what we're what we're doing here is artfully and cleverly pointing out the deep hypocrisy of these glittering jewels a colossal ignorance of unfortunate doesn't stick to them but here's the thing they Frank that the people there were insulting are not hearing this they open we have been insulting trump voters for three and a half years and counting well hello five years if you count the campaign five years and counting they wonder why they are not able to drive a wedge between trump as voters when all they do is insult them and now trump is using mind control invisible strolled lights some consciously when you Donald Trump and his hair and you don't even know what traffic and weather for Columbus radio W. former Cleveland Browns wide receiver in Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor in critical condition after getting stabbed overnight at a Pittsburgh apartment complex prior who last played for the Cleveland Browns back in twenty seventeen was reportedly stabbed in the chest and shoulder and underwent surgery this morning a woman is in custody in connection to the stabbing especially sunsets until Christmas Eve the National Weather Service says today that's the next time it will go down before five PM well how residents only see nine hours and twenty seven minutes of sunlight today that will decrease until the summer solstice sets and a polar bear cub born at the Columbus zoo thanksgiving day the animal care team says the animal was born to Aurora and lead the public won't be able to see the Cup until spring mother a war eyes had three letters so far in three cubs have survived I'm kind of Cornell magic one of seven seven is your home for Christmas music and that means Santa join us at metro by T. mobile for your first set of stop on Thursday December fifth from five to six PM at five fifteen east Altamont drive suite one thousand eight and on Friday December six from five to six at sixty eight oh one west colonial drive the best deal in wireless is only at metro Jared we know every story of devotion has a beginning worth celebrating and right now we're celebrating one of our own a brand new store opening near you this Saturday experience the incredible selection and unparalleled craftsmanship of Jared jewelry for yourself at our special grand opening event with exclusive.

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