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Platform to complain but some just real stupid happened in my kitchen today. You complain very often on this pocket. You frequently yeah complain a lot. Yeah I don't try to do it. Those thing it just happens. Actually we actually complain about it sometimes. Ironically so today when I came home I was very dark and it turns out what happened. Was that someone turned off the light mystery solved. We have a ceiling fan in our kitchen and Sarah pulled the middle string for the light and it may be the first side of the strings in pull because it immediately came out of the middle. Oh no no drawstring anymore. Not even like part of one. The whole string has come out and the problem is it's off. It's in the off position so not the coin up not only gonNA switch it. It's also always off so basically it's like all the lights are broken. Well then and I've already taken it apart one time to look inside and try to fiddle with the mechanism and I got close. I swear I got close to fixing it but I have not and it opened up again and then rewired it. I guess I don't even know if I know. The breakers are in my apartment. Or if I have that I can shut off my kitchen with. It's going to be an adventure electrical engineer right well. Okay that doesn't know if breakers that he can get to. I'd imagine you do though electric stuff I actually had to go our breakers. Throw you this week because you know. I continue to have heat issues in my apartment. So Milan lady brought over a couple of electric heaters. Just for like when the heat and goes out today in fact and I found out that I cannot run the heater and our microwave at the same time so no. That is a fun fact. Yeah one of the other only one thing can be hot me or my actually I did I take. I did solve my My problem a little bit so actually went to the lamp in my living room on those Kia Stan lamps And so I basically I took that lamp and then unplugged it. So that would be you know. Be Safe and then brought into my kitchen and just turned it on in there to fix my fan so clearly electrical engineer which is really. GonNa make this next thing that we're doing pretty difficult for me personally because our question this week is. How would you steal the Mona Lisa? We did this. Wants with the Declaration of independence do do you remember which one of us had like the best The best plan objectively mine mine was asleep over at thank make trash or treasure three which is actually happening now so wait a follow up. He's the only one that followed out. I think mine involved the president involved with President. I think I think it involve them like declared a national emergency. So Oh yeah. I was going to impersonate. The mayor declared a national emergency. Was My plan. That wasn't a good plan. A helicopter involved definitely a helicopter involved. I don't remember why I think Michael Bay was directing my answer. All right so how. How would you feel so first of all? We are not the first one. We're GONNA STEAL IT Vincenzo Peruggia. If I pronounced that correctly if I didn't it's not getting any better so strapping. He's already practiced before the show. I asked you guys if that was pronouncing correctly. And you agreed with me which I realized. It's not a very good measurable that I I would say that more than agree. We said sure which isn't really full agreement anyhow. We're going back in time. Back to nineteen eleven. So that was when he committed his good good crime so rather than reinvent the wheel. Let's see if we can just do what he did. So first of all Vincenzo picked his. He picked time. Well he can be in time so the loof were the Mona. Lisa's typically is blade was closed for the day because they're taking pictures of all the artwork. This was a bit of a process in nine hundred eleven because the cameras didn't really work well indoors so to take pictures of all the they were bringing them up to the rooftop for the lighting was better to take pictures of them so they closed the whole museums. They just like take the pictures off the wall. Bring them up to the roof take pictures of them and bring them back so they they're doing this process. I mean I don't look back. Bamboo isn't the roof. Just Glass Bang. So there's a glass pyramid. I think in the courtyard and yeah okay. So maybe it'll different. Nineteen eleven a whole bunch of renovations. I wouldn't be surprised if the Glass Pyramid was not there yet. That seems like a more recent. I don't know why would assume that. But I just feel like. That's not had an like the early twentieth century. They had glass back then. Okay but okay fine. Yeah alright points so so. Let's see how one of the most famous so he dressed up in the white smock that the museum creator typically warlike Puffy very thin February white thing. So you don't get. I don't know armpit dust on the museum on them. You very important to avoid that. Yeah I don't know exactly why you would need that. It's not like it's like. The paintings are hazardous but they wear them so he dressed up in that white smock. And because there's all these ITO construction people. And all these museum curator's all around he peaceably walked in the side door so he was in but now what well what happened. Next was that Vincenzo walked up to the painting on the wall. Took it off. The hooks walked out a back. Staircase theft complete. It was know non-christian Damn no questions no further planning no further anything so you may be thinking. Wow with the plan that shitty. He got caught right away right. No in fact the theft remained undetected for twenty eight hours It's worth noting here. That the part of the reason this was not detected for so long is that while the painting was famous enough to be in a museum. It wasn't like it is today where it's like. The Mona Lisa is the famous painting. It wasn't even like the most popular painting in its own gallery. Never mind the museum and it was actually the theft itself that brought it into the mainstream like it was the excitement around this theft. This very clearly well planned out. Sapphires elaborate lab heist that brought into the mainstream so those should be getting royalties. Yes so twenty. Eight hours went by and even that was kind of lucky on their part because the the reason anyone even notice it in the first place was that there was a still life artist. Who In this time was Painting that gallery and he was complaining that he couldn't continue his painting until they brought the Mona Lisa back from the rooftop in his photographs and then they went to the rooftop guys like hey. Can we get the Mona Lisa back? Or how long is it going to be? And they're like we don't have it like Austin gone. I like the idea that that guy's painting the gallery. And they use the painting to catch the guy because he painted him in the corner. Yeah so yes the suit. After that the the the police tracked down to his apartment where the began to question him and then the meal except his album. He had been working somewhere else that day. I was working somewhere else. The police okay. No problem earlier the cops except I wasn't there as an alibi. Exactly I was working somewhere else. Okay by after that Vincenzo. Kept the painting hidden trunk in his apartment for two years before trying to return it to Italy so his whole motivation for the theft in the first place was like man. France has the Mona Lisa Painting. Which has done by Leonardo Vinci Italian artist? I think it should be in Italy. He was gonna be the only person on this God damn crusade but he committed And so when he brought it back to Italy he tried to return it to an Italian Museum. And the museum onery tried to turn into. Just turn them in so I don't think we can just copy what he did. That one's not gonNa work because now there's a lot more than a couple of folks on the wall holding onto the Mona Lisa. You know it's behind a bulletproof plexiglass and constant security. There's like this little wooden barrier around it so like you can't even get that close you know without like someone starting to question like what you're doing there and some sources and source. I mean random articles that run the internet and didn't really fact check say there's even a secret door from what security guards can appear if they see something suspicious on security cameras. So maybe there's a secret door regards can pop out of. I don't know I'd like to. That's true in all locations. I imagine that's true personally right so I think we talked about this in the past but these high end up being a bit tricky to plant because it turns out they don't really readily hand out all the details and nuances of the security system protecting the most famous painting in the world for Sunday. So I'm kind of taking a page out of intensive book and I think it's a good idea to start with like. Hey when's museum not on? Its regular game and the painting might be more exposed than it's like high tech. You know pressure sensitive. Bulletproof glass you know can't get near it security and so. My first thought was kind of Nabet in transit and for me I started with the problem. Is They actually just moved the painting like a few months back? 'cause they renovated the gallery that was in. They like a little bit and put it back but that was like a few ago so and it had been like a decade and a half prior to that so. I'm not really going to wait around for them to move it again because then I'm GonNa have to might plan going to be quite a while into the future. Plus what what my plan for what to do once it was transiting was. I found a kind of funny what they would do. They do sometimes do practice. Runs for For paintings in museums when they move them around the museum so like the little cut out a piece of plywood in the shape and about approximate weight of the painting. And then Kinda do the route to where it's going to make sure it can get around corners and that they're used to carrying it and all that and so I want you to some kind of magic trick to swap the plywood fake with the real painting but despite quite a bit could not find out how to make something that particular size disappear so if you look if you google like making stuff disappear for Magic. It's all sleight of hand. It's like car cards and pens and coins and all that and then I was like okay. How do I make big things disappear and the only thing that comes up is when David Copperfield? The Statue of Liberty Disappear in New York City on a big show of his. So then what if you go box disappear and it was all about making stuff disappear inboxes? Eventually I'm not waiting a decade. I'm not dealing. I can't find how to do magic trick either because apparently that information is also not readily available online so I was looking for another scenario where the painting might be more exposed and I have what I'm GonNa call now my real plan so blue is art museum which means they're basically down to clown with whatever ridiculous thing people come up with and I have found the perfect nonsense to stage a heist absolute perfect nonsense so busy schefter run back what they did back in October of two thousand nine where the Lou hosted event titled Babysitting Petite Louis which was created by Robyn. Orlin so this event is an after hours live actor performance. That's effectively the weird French version of night at the museum and its performed by cast of three dancers a singer and actor and eight of the museums. Real life security guards some of the performance as part of this Explain how Buckwald US over forms include a lost white South African in Eiffel Tower boxer shorts in an I love Paris t-shirt a black singer dressed in a body gold parody of Louis the fourteenth corley outfits and a headless ghost in a black suit and masquerades. This is things are going to encounter on this on this a babysitting petite Louis tour says like like an immersive experience type thing in the museum right so it kind of starts off the the guards kind of leading you through the museum and they do kind you ninety museum esque things I think. There's like leftover tourists and things that are like some of these key actors. I didn't get a lot of Info on it because most of the stuff of about this event is in French. Google translate does help actually surprisingly good on some of them some of them. It was less helpful. But let's focus on the guard's involvement so so the guards are the ones that lead the group around which is not ideal for us our scenario but they're also part of the show they make jokes. They take part in some dance scenes and apparently also project short art films about themselves onto the pedestals of statues which I don't know what that's going to be like the short art film about me. The Security Guard looks at them personally or just like them as serious guards in a whole I have so many questions not the least of which is the whole thing that the petite Louis himself the titular character of this narrative apparently is a statue of the sun. King that cries like a baby until the guards go and comet down. That's apparently the payoff of this of this tour. Where did you say this again at the loop actually do this happily? They just after a one time thing or they not realize but a bad idea. This was a one time okay. Okay but I haven't even gotten to the best part about why. This is so perfect for our plan. I quote from Circle. I read the show culminates in a delirious.

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