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Hey everyone lisa resnick here and i actually have a very awesome guest see there. We go restarted saying awesome. But i've chris mcgarry who actually went to high school with not that long ago twenty eight only graduated seven years ago. You talking about clearly h has helped me a little bit better than some others here. I love you. Thanks so krista that he is a huge fan of bird fish. So i have. Burt fishes new dry hopped italian pills ner beer and you're going to have to say the name because again i'm not italian. You're not an. I remind italian friends. Zano yo pies anna. Let's crack this open. Let's see what i'm wondering. What's that italian. Beer that you'll get at the italian restaurants. He's with the t rate. I'm not sure. But i'm wondering if it tastes like that. It's the ready cheers no cheers. I ready jeers. Ooh it is good. I like it very crap. it's a good one. Thank you bert. fish. It's delicious. So i have chris on because lo and behold we here in our area actually have a pet company. Which is i never knew this. Until i saw you and your sister out one day i was like that's pretty awesome. Yeah pet food manufacturers downlisted ohio. And how long have you guys been around. Well you have been around worn when they started the company. There you go for over forty years You know the family's been making Pet food and they started down in. Rot a rogers. Ohio rogers mill. Okay so they outgrew that and moved into lisbon which were were presently at so. Yeah so how many employees do you guys have down on ohio Earn lisbon We're about eighty five eighty five employees. That's pretty good. Yeah yeah how many other locations do you have that. You just pinpointed lisbon. Yeah yeah so. We have three other locations. You'll see the the idea. The beautiful girl goes up there so we have our pet foods. One that started all obviously bright bed is our parent company And then we have southern tier pet nutrition which became a which was bought by ohio. Pet foods somewhere back in two thousand thirteen or fourteen same capabilities. Extruded pet food A little bigger capacity than us in two thousand eighteen We brought on phoebe products..

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