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Of fervent passion that we all have for for whatever that thing Ashley Dvorkin fox news military matters general mark Bailey promised senators he would always give president trump his best military advice no matter what we are not going to be intimidated into making stupid decisions we will give our best military advice regardless of consequences to the U. S. army's top officer appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee for his confirmation hearing Thursday he will replace general Joe Dunford as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff this fall when Dunford steps down general Millie enjoyed bipartisan support during the hearing including those wary of president trump's agenda independent Maine senator Angus king told Millie he wanted to know if he had what it takes to stand up to the president the oval office is an intimidating place the president I states is the most powerful leader in the in the free world we understand absolutely full well has of our chosen profession and we know what this is about we will give our best military advice regardless of consequences Duracell for military matters at the Pentagon Jennifer Griffin fox news I found faith with Lauren green when Chris Norton was eighteen years old he was living the American dream playing college football break a few records the plan was to be this all American football player the the girl my dreams what his plans suddenly changed with one missed time to tackle his neck snapped paralyzing him doctors gave him a three percent chance to ever feel anything below the neck with faith Chris beat the odds after intense training he with the help of his then fiancee Emily walked across the stage to receive his diploma three years later down the aisle at the wedding it was amazing to go to see him push past those fears and pushed past the times where he felt I doubt and then just to see the way that god used in their book the seven longest yards Emmeline Chris Norton tell the story of how god guided them to turn a tragedy into triumph they started a foundation adopted five foster children and inspired millions to never give up it's all to spread.

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