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If you just now rolling in, we had amazing event at crossings Community Church on September the 25th and live in the studio with me today I have a special guest from all American bank. Gretchen Wilmoth. Good morning, lady. Good morning. I'm You know, didn't plan on it raining today, But, you know, Mike Morgan said it was gonna rain and, by golly, it did that Gretchen yet we do. It's been a little dry, and I just got some New shrubs planted so this will make him kind of spark and grow for sure, Gretchen, you're new to our program, and every Saturday we play this game unwell preserved. You saw my Tahoe when I drove up. It's a little bodacious. Yes, it's kind of wrap frying it front end to back in. You can see us coming and going, But every Saturday we play a game. It's called tag. The Tahoe. So number one. If people that call and at 840 1000 could tell me who the sponsor the week is that's worth $50. Yeah. Ah ha. But if they can tell me where they saw the Tahoe that's another 50. But we have a special group of people if their first responders, military teacher or Oklahoma law enforcement, they just have to tell me who the sponsor the week is, and they'll get a brand new Ben Franklin. Now you're from a bank. So we know that Ben is 100 $100. Yes, ma'am. So far, we've given away as of last week, $20,650. So we're serious about this game. So if you would like to join, well preserved today, 840 1000 is the number you need to call you need to get in line. Is it a rainy day and Mike Gann and needs to go to work. He's just sitting in there, shaking his head at me because we love for our sponsors to share their money. And we did have a special sponsor today. Just listen. You'll find out who it is. But Gretchen when we come back from tagged the Tahoe, we'll have Jose Olivera. On the line, and we're going to be talking about an event so It's And R and R in Oklahoma. I wanted to say this right? We haven't amazing network of people that work for their customers. Yes, ma'am. I believe so. And foreign Jose called Be to tell me about the story. Have to tell the listening audience. He was so excited. He called Caroline in my office actually answered the phone, and he said You tell Eunice to call me right now, minutes she gets in. You tell her to call me and I'm going like Oh, my gosh. What have I done? I've messed up. I have done something And we're going to share more about that story After tagged the Tahoe with Jose Olivera and Gretchen with that we need you to get on the phone. Eight for a 1000. Up play tagged the Tahoe. This is well preserved on NewsRadio. 1000, Katie..

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