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Right or some one on one, the category of one hundred greatest players plus daily cop. Boss what was the other thing captaincy? So you had twenty eight altogether in points on that. Show out shot out here. No? No. No. No shutout unfortunately. Data shot out anyways because we did tie on the other category and there's no shootouts shit. So anyways, woo on a visually Inglewood's the draft. All right. I didn't agree to this last category of the you know crunching the numbers I didn't have a chance to do any of that for myself but will you know would have just let my Geeky Aston? You're my friend and your lady so I'll let you I will conceive respectfully as. Well no seed conceive. A Chandler Egan. Concede Logan. To Gory I got all this. So Jesse I won fair and square. I'll send you the numbers if. That word. Now conceiving anything besides. Bad, asses the best snow known all Boston beat down crushing. Sorry but the Susana Five. Of the best seven series numbers Oh, fine. That's fine. Let's do an all time NHL draft sometime in see also picks oh Jesus maybe we should do that next week and get a couple other people in to make it more interesting. All right. We've got to we've got to wrap this up because time is getting really close Yes please rate interview on all of your podcast listening platforms. Thank you so much. The Patriot members we've got some new ones I'm GONNA create a list on an upcoming show to what everybody know who's no and who's still around we have I, think we have like twenty of them. It's awesome. In it's growing weekly. So if you want to get involved, please go to Patriotdepot, dot com slash lacking gold hockey fogcast for your chance to win. A Wayne Cashman signed PBOC OH radio on the bad assets. Wayne Cashman signed puck right here if you can see that on the Youtube. Recently addition to the inventory. terrier riled the Tas- sign pock, all these have. certificate of authenticity this when I got yesterday for the Patriots members and that's Vern Flanagan. And a hall of Fame Nineteen, Ninety? So we have like several more sitting over there that I just couldn't grab. Don't have time to talk about it right now. But like I said, if you WANNA get involved is a dollar per episode every we produce an episode it just a dollar I think we're GONNA. Do. A four minimum possibly eight. So it'd be eight dollars a month I know it's. Time to talk but those guys are sticking with us and still doing it. Thank you so much. We really appreciate the financial. Contributions to help cut the cost of what we're doing here on the podcast and the website. One thank. who else? Well, two of Kris van Kusel gotta thank Mancuso just Ala King and Seltzer King for him by and talking some hockey and what he's got going on over at tops off dot net Heather I wanNA. Thank you for getting back in Having, fun I had a blast on this one. This was really good and I think we're going to be over but I don't care if it goes up on anchor or not. It will go out on every other popular platform. So I'm really don't give a shit but bit tried to go as fast as we could. Cover the CBA and all that stuff too I mean it is what it is. I don't care this point, but I just had I had fun..

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