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Your calls and Lani in Anniston Alabama you're on the air with cars info can yeah it is water the other gentleman was that was asking about you know could you reprimand the present or something like that well my deal is why can't you said sure and so we can quit talking on Twitter yeah running so you don't actually someone brought it up this week and I think the problem is for many people out there they're not gonna accept censure they wanted the and the impeachment process and centring doesn't necessarily compel witnesses that we need to get the people know what's in the report so we could do something like a censure but I I guess I would personally argue I believe the president broke the law the obstruction on multiple occasions if you slap the hand of someone with the censure who instead should be impeached or really indicted I think we do a disservice to the crimes that were likely committed by Donald Trump I think you're responding to the word C. E. N. S. U. R. E. censure which is slapping somebody on the wrist I think Lani was asking if it was possible to censor see an S. O. R. trump from Twitter which would which basically means is he has he violated Twitter's terms of services and that's right pleasure for Jack Dorsey I guess but yeah boy yeah I couldn't put it disturbs given all the stuff the president said if none of that it's the term I think is a pretty high threshold yeah Jill in Manila Indiana you're on the air with Congress and poke and hello congressman pro can I've just been freaking out here lately over bell bar stop in all these investigations he sat down on a investigation into the hush money there anyway Congress can open those investigations back up and what can we do with him can we impeach him early also thank you Jill he also apparently stop seven different investigations that had been initiated by Miller's office just stop cold and yet the only person I've seen report on this was Rachel Maddow yeah and we can do investigation the lots of different areas Jill so yes we can the thing is we are involved in an awful lot of investigations right now yeah this is a problem at some point you're welcome all which is why the big one seems to be getting information out on the Muller report next week we'll have that opportunity on the twenty fourth they have the public see I there's a good be I think by the most watched time sees as bad in other channels in trying to see what's happened but I think that that will be the most instrumental in having people understand I think what this president's done but you you're right there are a lot of investigations going we can investigate in lots of areas the problem is getting the attention is difficult right now the public attention is on the Muller report Cortez in Oxford Mississippi you're on the air with Congress and program good morning Gabrielle don't morning Curtis are you don't listen I've been hearing a lot about this deep state stuff on conservative news channel I don't wanna know one thing what does our president trump plan own gaining from opening up the five the documents to be a bar I mean does he really believe that the deep state plan something go has something to do with yes the whole you know rush investigation please I mean god that's what both of you the operator of the form that's pretty shocking stuff the bill Maher can now declassify absolutely anything including the name of the spies who are inside the Kremlin yeah and I personally I don't think Donald Trump is trying to throw out all sorts of distractions and things to try to make you not look at the central point that there are ten possible charges of instruction in the Muller report based on his actions with what happened with Russia interfering with our elections and we're trying to have people focus on that he's trying to do everything but saying that there's the email there's there's there's Hillary American please don Hillary and he just trying to throw all kinds of roadblocks and distractions for people to go follow shiny objects I I think that's really what he's up to in doing this I don't think there's a more strategic plan and some of these requests Tony in Bethlehem PA basically Tony and Lester mass you're on the air with Carson program hi congressman I think the reason many Americans think that single parent tuition free education a radical ideas is the fact that democratic candidates I'm not also including every time they talk about the issue that this is how it's done and every other developed countries the world I think that must be included and I think they need to frame those issues are differently what do you think yeah I especially on healthcare Tony okay I got political acted that where they check ups and I could really only you know westernized country that doesn't have universal care and they said I was right because it is right and you know so for someone to say that again these are socialist or communist prospects no these are what you call a civilized nation prospects were the only one that doesn't have that same extension of coverage but I'll play I think yeah the fact that special interests are out there make it harder for some people to speak the truth is easily as real people see it when they are dealing with incredibly high copays are problems with access to coverage your prescription drugs that they can't actually afford nor to be healthy and I I think this is one where the political class doesn't get it right they will no longer be the political class and that's all right as far as I'm concerned so we need to put pressure on people to speak the truth on these issues because again I think real people get it because we understand what it's doing to our personal and families finances when there's a health emergency okay we have just a minute to the end of the our Joe in Bethlehem Pennsylvania very very quick question for Congress and poke in place yes gentleman on with all the bills that are going through the house that are being passed nothing's going to the Senate my question is like when something like when the debt ceiling comes up why don't the Democrats say Hey what are bills up if you want your bill yeah Joe and we just had a check she were come to the progressive caucus this week and that's exactly what he said is they're trying to make sure the Republicans right now want to lift the debt ceiling we want some other things and that's part of the negotiations that they're trying to do in in August when we're back in district we're gonna be talking about all the bills there be buried in someone's backyard in Kentucky because that's exactly what Mitch McConnell doing but what you're suggesting is that exactly what's happening wow so the Democrats are thinking about plan serious hardball that's that's impressive so from what Chuck Schumer told us in the Senate side yes yeah so on a last fifteen seconds what you would be looking out of that over the next week before we talk with you again you know who because the next week is the last week for a month they gonna see a lot of activity a lot of things were going to pass the pension bill the butcher Lewis act which is really important for a lot of people who were possibly losing pensions are in the past minimum wage increase tomorrow.

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