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You is transforming into something escape. Who've is coming to how culet precious ears with spooky spooky spoon. Let's see how how to sew service at hound hound. It's haunt once. Yeah. It is hunt. Yeah. Okay. This week you is transforming into something. You is coming to hound your precious used was split up here. Wolf folk. Let's let's. This week in you is transforming into soap things. Is coming to your precious us at how is it? Chad have said that. Are you? Sure, I'm re-. I'm would one hundred percent sure. What are you do the first part? Okay. I'll do the noises. All right. Oh, okay. That's the first part. Okay. No. I mean, you do the you'll okay, go ahead. Uh-huh. All right. Viz rents forming into something scary. Move is coming to hound you appreciate. Ooh. Key episodes and head raising specialty on old you'll say shows Pollock anti. Mynah bird. You don't think you're scary? Guess imitate human speech? Now that is. I mean, if you would never heard of one before food polls. Those AB Nicholson breakdown one of the most influ Nicholson. On unschooled policier, naming Nicholson breakdown one of the most influential horror films of all times psycho psycho here an interview with hall, rower master and director of fright night. Tom hall, and he's not savage on Gilbert Godfrey. It's amazing colossal. Goes on who charted or it should be boo. Charted Howard Kremer guest. Stevenson countdown to top Halloween songs and movie off book is serving up a Halloween musical spectaculars. Just to some of what's happening over there. Nothing on comedy, bang bang. Don't miss your favorite fear. Wolf shows this week on Stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you listen. Spontaneous. Asian remains on scary for you..

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