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News time nine zero three Anassa county woman was arrested in the death of her newborn baby found inside a queens hotel room last summer, thirty six year old Lauryn Becker of Seaford was charged today following the investigation into the baby girl's death that baby was found unconscious and unresponsive by EMT's at a days inn at thirty one thirty six queens boulevard on July eighteenth, authorities say drug paraphernalia was found throughout the hotel room. And Becker was taken in for evaluation. Tommy Alvarado, then Torah an MS thirteen gang member was sentenced today in Long Island for attempted murder and for sexually assaulting his girlfriend's two year old child Justice. Theresa Corrigan told him you deserve. No mercy. And then his promise she said, it's temperature twenty-six years to life and. After that, he can be deported back to Salvador for the fifth time Tommy Alvarado Ventura told the judge he was sorry. And he denied he was a member of the violent MS thirteen gang. He was sentence for raping and beating a two year old girl and for stabbing to adult women. He claimed to have been very drunk sitting in the courtroom listing were his two young children, a boy and girl his sister. Who was also there with her young son said it was okay to have the children in court. They know everything they know in the beginning because they knew nobody came height one of the adult victims was also in court, but she chose not to speak. Carol d'auria ten ten wins at the Nasser county. Courthouse wins news time nine oh. Four electronic tolls. Could be coming to Connecticut. Lawmakers advanced legislation today that could lead to the tolls. The three tolling bills clear, the transportation committee on party line votes with Democrats supporting the bills and Republicans opposing them. Some Democrats made it clear they voted to advance the Bill to further the debate the bills now advanced to the house and Senate all three bills. Would toll cars and trucks on interstate ninety five ninety one eighty four.

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