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Now to campaign 2022, there are claims of election interference ahead of Maryland's July 19th primary. Kelly schulz a Republican in the governor's race as a national democratic group has gone too far. They're deceitful and shameless tactics. The issue is TV ads, more than a $1 million worth, purchased by the democratic governors association. The ads are in favor of Dan Cox, Kelly schulz's main Republican rival, and she says the group bought the ads because it thinks that Cox will be easier for the eventual democratic nominee to defeat. They're afraid they'll lose to me in November. Cox is endorsed by former president Donald Trump called the whole thing a distraction. Schulz is backed by governor Larry Hogan, who joined her in making the claims. Democrats already outnumber Republicans two to one in the state. But they still feel the need to cheat. Nick eying Ellie, WTO P news. Loudoun county continues to grow and diversify, but as everyone in the community getting an equal amount of time to speak during the county's board meetings. Here's the rule about public input during a loud and county board of supervisors meeting. Every public speaker gets to have two and a half minutes to talk to us and give their message. Until now board of supervisors, cheerful as Randall has given non English speakers two and a half minutes and the same for their translator. Some have said that doesn't seem fair. She's got a solution for the board members. Everyone we have two and a half minutes, we will put headphones on. We will have interpretation in real time. What's still being worked out is how the audience can hear the translation. How will they receive the message? She expects it will be worked out by the fall in loudoun county near log and stained double you TLP news. It's 7 43, an orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain, painless. It's the biggest frustration that patients have. This is doctor Pamela Mehta, talking

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